It’s the holiday season, and one of the main thoughts on everyone’s mind is what to give our loved ones, especially to mom. Of course, the holidays go way beyond gifts. But for many, the festivities are the perfect moment to show appreciation and spoil those they care about. 

The holiday season is also that time of the year when people set intentions and make amends. And here’s where this gift guide will come in handy. Remember when you broke your mom’s heels as a child? Or the time you were playing with her makeup and destroyed her favorite discontinued lipstick? Or just anytime you ruined something she loved? 

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Well, it’s time to make it up to her, and once again, FIERCE has your back! We curated a list of gift ideas that will have your mothers finally forgiving you for the time you damaged that something she really liked. 

You poured her skincare down the drain: Real Snail Mucin Repair Essence (+ Masksheets)

Yes, we all broke (or stole!) our mothers’ skincare at least once in our lifetimes. But it’s 2023, and the beauty industry is thriving — thus, there are plenty of options to choose from. This year, the snail mucin craze pretty much took over beauty spaces with positive reviews. In particular, everyone is raving about COSRX’s products for their gentle nature and well-aging properties. One of the brand’s most popular launches is the Repair Essence, which promises to repair and rejuvenate the skin. It frankly sounds like the perfect gift for moms who are into the latest skincare innovations.

For the most traditional ones, Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray Collection

We all know a mom figure who is all about the natural stuff. A collection of natural-ingredient mists is a suitable skincare gift for those traditional ones. This Mario Badescu set includes cucumber and green tea spray, chamomile and lavender water, aloe vera, sage, and orange blossom mist. It also carries a bottle of rose water, which is quite popular among Latino households and can serve several purposes.

To make up for the sleepless nights, L’Occitane Cocon de Serenite Relaxing Pillow Mist

If you’ve not only broken your mom’s material belongings but also her sleep patterns (those late-night pick-ups from friends’ homes, staying awake helping you finish that school project you didn’t start in time, and so on), then a relaxing pillow mist is a bulletproof gift. She’ll thank you for the fantastic and relaxing night’s sleep. 

Option B: loungewear

A set of loungewear is an equally suitable gift. It’s cozy and cute; even non-indulging moms will appreciate the comfort. 

For the times you didn’t get home in time: Fossil Raquel Women’s Watch

We’ve all been there. We persuaded our moms to let us go out and then made it home slightly past our curfew. Back then, we didn’t think much of it, but Mom probably kept walking up and down the comedor, checking the clock on the wall. Those days might be gone, but an elegant watch is a timeless way of vindicating ourselves and spoiling Mom. Plus, she won’t have excuses to be late again.

To replace the broken plates: Kate Spade 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

Remember when you accidentally broke a piece of your mom’s special dinnerware set — the one she received as a wedding gift from one of her primas or tías? This 16-piece set by Kate Spade has “I’m sorry” written all over it — double points for the gorgeous flowers delicately carved on the porcelain.

Por la plantita que pisamos: Santa Barbara Design Studio Garden Tools

Children of gardening enthusiasts and plant lovers will understand. You once stepped on something barely a sprout (it was the seed your mom had been waiting to grow for weeks). Or maybe you forgot to water her favorite plant when she was on vacation. Either way, she never lets you forget about it. Offer an olive branch with this Santa Barbara Design Studio set with the essential tools and instructions to grow an herb garden. She’ll love it.

For the time you burnt a pan: professional nonstick fry pan

It has happened to the best of us. In fact, burning a pan when you’re just learning to cook (or when mom left you watching the food and you got distracted) is probably a rite of passage. This year might be the year you finally gift her some cookware to make up for past cooking mistakes. 

Alternatively, a cast iron 

If you have the budget, then a cast iron from the iconic French brand Le Creuset will have Mom smiling for weeks. If you’re lucky enough, it’ll also have her testing her favorite recipes on her new cookware. 

Make amends for the lost stud 

Have you ever asked to borrow a pair of mom’s favorite earrings for a special occasion and went back home with a single stud? If the answer is yes, then the time has come to redeem yourself with a beautiful piece of jewelry. Different options are available to enhance your mom’s jewelry collection, from a pair of sparkling earrings to an elegant ring.

Compensate her for the ruined shoes

Here is where things get interesting. Want to compensate mom for those shoes you destroyed while you played dressed up as a child? Regardless of her current go-to style, you can never go wrong with a pair of comfortable shoes:

The ballerinas

If your mom has a penchant for flat shoes, a square-toe ballerina will do it. It’s a trendy shoe, equal parts stylish and comfortable, that she can easily add to her day-to-day wardrobe.

The comfy shoe

If your mom is the type who’d spend all day in chanclas, then she needs a super cozy, lounge-friendly shoe. Contrary to popular belief, UGGs never go out of style (if you don’t believe it, look at Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, or Cardi B), so a pair of the Classic Mini II Winter Boot or the Tasman Slipper is the way to go. 

The sportives

If mom is the sporty type, then the only evident choice is a pair of sneakers for her to be comfortable and safe with every step.

The winter essential 

If mom is more into winter staples, then a non-negotiable item in your gift guide must be a pair of stylish high boots. P.S. Size up if she enjoys wearing cozy socks 

Last but not least, lipstick

For some reason, lipstick seems to be the favorite mom item for children to destroy (or eat, depending on how mischievous you were). Accordingly, lipsticks need to be a high priority in your gift guide. 

For moms who are into classics, the safe option is a creamy lipstick with a matte or demi-matte finish in nude colors or deep reds (cherry red is trending, after all). 

For those looking for more youthful and novel products, opt for liquid lipsticks, lip oils, or even an effective lip plumper, which is the 2023 equivalent of getting lip fillers.