The slicked-back bun has been all the rage since social media personality Sofia Richie Grainge shared how she achieves the hairstyle. Her take on the hair bun for the “clean girls” — a micro trend that thrived on TikTok in 2022 — has since sparked plenty of conversation.

From tutorials trying the look to professionals sharing insights on the potentially damaging nature of the hairdo, the internet has been all about Richie’s “lazy-girl” bun. But is this hairstyle truly groundbreaking? Latinas have been doing it for years. Now, they’re reclaiming and embracing the look — not without a dose of humor. 

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Sofia Richie’s “Lazy Girl” Bun tutorial

The influence of Sofia Richie Grainge in fashion and beauty spaces has been undeniable in 2023. Considered the poster girl of “quiet luxury” and the “clean girl” aesthetics, the star has been at the forefront of trends. Recently, she’s making the rounds online with a hair tutorial she shared in early September. The hairdo consists of a slicked-back bun she creates on wet hair. She also enlists the help of a hair mask and oil. 

A staple for Latinas

In addition to Richie, stars like Jennifer López, Bella Hadid, and more are fans of this look. So, while slicked-back buns continue to be on the rise, Latina content creators are reminding us that women of color have been sporting this look long before it became trendy. They’re also reclaiming their status as pioneers of this now-popular hairdo.

On TikTok, they are sharing tutorials and proudly wearing the hairstyle, which was not necessarily regarded as stylish in the past. Needless to say, they’re slaying it and have added their personal spins, openly sharing their beauty hacks with the world. 


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Last year, the surge of the clean girl aesthetic brought debates about cultural appropriation and the co-opted nature of the trend. Latinas also addressed the glamorization of styles that once upon a time were deemed “unfashionable.” They criticized the way many of these trends were looked down on because they were associated with women of color.

Now, don’t get us wrong! Latinas love to share good beauty and fashion hacks. This is in no way an attempt at gatekeeping, as some people have suggested online. Quite the opposite. Social media has opened up spaces for people to share elements of their culture of lifestyle. The issue, however, stems from the erasure of women of color as trend creators and originators once a style is presented by celebrities or influencers and adopted by the mainstream. 

Latinas, however, move away from the wet hair trend

Just like many beauty enthusiasts on social media, Latinas have been recreating Richie’s hairstyle, adding their own twists. Following the recommendations of hair experts who have advised against trying the style on wet hair, Latinas have opted for slicking back the hair au naturel with products like hair masks, oils, or just a bit of gel. 


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Content creators have even approached the look with humor. Some have shared memories of how this hairstyle used to be considered an “uncool” staple during their childhoods. Others are jokingly poking fun at the hairstyle. But one thing is for sure: they’re all embracing the slicked-back bun as a staple of Latina beauty.


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