Fashion and beauty thrive on trends, and more often than not, the trend cycle brings back iconic style throwbacks. A case in point is the ongoing TikTok craze that highlights Mexican star Lucero and her legendary hairstyle in the 90s. The videos got the internet obsessed and even had Lucero longing for her long, luscious hair. 

FIERCE recapped everything you need to know about Lucero’s hair and the videos causing a furor on our fyp (For You Page).

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Who’s Lucero?

In the unlikely case you’ve never heard of the Mexican icon, Lucero is a singer and actress who rose to fame as a child star in the 1980s. The celebrated icon starred in telenovelas such as Chiquilladas and Chispita before seeing her breakthrough in the film Fiebre de Amor — alongside Luis Miguel nonetheless!

Lucero built a successful career with several music releases, memorable acting roles, and even commercial endorsements. One of those popular advertising gigs was the 1989 campaign for Head & Shoulders, which she reportedly landed thanks to her healthy brunette mane. 

That ‘90s hair

Despite flaunting naturally wavy hair, in the 1990s, “La Novia De América” — as Lucero is dubbed — left an imprint with her 90s blowout. Paired with stylish outfits, such as sequined dresses, bolero jackets, and high-waisted pants, Lucero’s look became widely popular. 

The singer further solidified her status as a style icon by performing songs like “Cuentáme,” “Con Mi Sentimiento,” and the now-popular “Nada Como Ser Miss.” Although Lucero also embraced her textured hair; the straightened, long, and voluminous mane became a focal point of her onstage appearance. Her style was so iconic that now, internauts are resurrecting the hairstyle on TikTok. 

The timeless allure of Lucero’s hair

“Girls don’t want boyfriends, they want Lucero’s 90s hair,” says one of the many viral videos on TikTok praising Lucero. With “Nada Como Ser Miss” in the background, the videos are diverse and range from compilations of her performances to girls showing off their Lucero-inspired hairstyles. 

Lucero herself reenacted the trend with her slightly below-the-shoulders hair lengths. “Believe me, I also want Lucero’s hair from the 90s,” she wrote. And we get her. She was hair goals, by all means. From the length to the color and even the slightly frizzed finish — something that’s not unnatural considering Lucero’s naturally textured hair — the look was so iconic that it remains in the collective consciousness three decades later. 

Any hair tips?

While people on TikTok keep debating about the best ways to achieve Lucero’s hairstyle, we dug the web for Lucero-approved hair tips. They’re not so much styling suggestions as haircare advice, but we’ll take anything from the icon herself. So, what’s Lucerito’s secret for healthy hair? A well-known hack in Latin American households: Rosemary water.

According to Lucero, she swears by Rosemary water or tea. The singer uses it to rinse her head or spray it to comb her hair after a shower. “La Novia de América” also suggests regularly massaging the scalp with your fingertips. 

Now, we don’t know whether the tips actually work or not, but we will be following them anyhow.