Like every December, marketing companies and online platforms are prepping for the new year with trend reports. Anticipating what will be popular in 2024, companies and social media accounts have rounded up the topics and themes that will drive conversations online.

As per Pinterest and Instagram, blue makeup, bow stacking, and “Be Jelly” stand out among the fashion and beauty trends that will take flight next year.

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Don’t quite get what “Be Jelly” means? Don’t fret. Here at FIERCE, we will walk you through the key topics that will thrive in 2024.

Thinking of celebrating a Quinceañera in 2024? Blue is your go-to color

According to Pinterest’s 2024 Trends Forecast, blue and aquamarine makeup is rising. In addition to the resurrected Y2K frosted eyeshadow, Gen Z and Millenials have increasingly shown interest in blue beauty staples such as blue nails and aqua makeup. 

Going blue will be particularly popular for events such as proms (searches for “Light blue prom makeup” have gone up by 70%) and Fiestas de Quince (“Blue quince makeup” interest has increased by 85%).


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Finding a signature scent 

Instagram, on the other hand, predicts rising interest in fragrances. Gen Zers, specifically, are obsessed with finding more creative ways of expressing their individuality, and one of them is finding a signature fragrance and core aesthetic. 

And if the #fragrancetok subsection of the internet — which accrues over 1 billion views on TikTok — was not enough of an indicator, Instagram confirms that fragrance creators continue to be on the rise. Per their insights, “over 1/4 of Gen Z plan to express themselves by discovering a signature scent in 2024.”

Bow stacking

In case you’re living under a rock, a bow craze is already underway, so this trend prediction surprises nobody. However, as Pinterest anticipates, bows will be even more engrained in fashion during 2024.

Whether big or small, bows will remain coveted details in outfits, accessories, and even beauty. 

On Pinterest, popular terms include “Bow outfit” (+190% searches), “Bow necklace” (+180%), “Bow aesthetic” (+55%), “Bow crochet” (+80%) and “Heels with bows” (+40%). But bows are not only predominant in fashion and beauty. This year (2023), bows are the ultimate Christmas decoration, and there is even a coquette trend on TikTok that proves that bow stacking is not only for fashion. Yes, bow ribbons can go anywhere, from French fries to stacks of money

“Be jelly” is the new… well, everything!

And no, this trend is not encouraging you to be unreasonably jealous. Instead, it anticipates the emergence of jellyfish-inspired design, from home decor to fashion and beauty. This sounds oddly similar to the “jellyfishing” trend that rose back in the latter part of 2022. The style consisted of upper voluminous silhouettes that contrasted with skinny bottoms.  

However, as explained by Pinterest, the trend is more about jellyfish haircuts (rising in popularity by +615%) and aesthetics that embrace the glowy, squishy appearance associated with jellyfish. Okay, then. 


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And as the proverb goes, less is more

Finally, both Pinterest and Instagram seem to agree that sustainability is a concern for different generations. As per Instagram’s insights, fashion-wise, Gen Z will be focusing on finding new ways to wear what they already own. They will also aim to buy less and embrace sustainable fashion practices.

The networking service sums up the Top 5 Fashion Trends in 2024: modest dressing; thrifting, vintage, hand-me-downs; repeating outfits to be more sustainable; wearing clothes in unexpected ways; and DIY. Similarly, Pinterest forecasts growing interest in repurposing scrap excess among Boomers and Gen X.

But this goes beyond fashion.

For older generations, finding ways of utilizing scraps includes wood projects (increase in interest by 1,220%), recipes (+165%), crafts (+140%), and patternmaking (“Zero waste sewing patterns” has gone up by 80% while “Scrap quilts patterns leftover fabric” searches have increased by 80%). Interesting, isn’t it? 

Other relevant insights suggest that metallic items and colors — namely cool silver tones and bold chrome — will still be in next year. And thankfully, after bidding 2023 goodbye, shaved eyebrows will be officially out. What a relief!