We Latinas know the power of community and networking well. After all, we come from a powerful lineage of jefas who kept the tribes, villages, and cities thriving. 

Today, this knowledge is more important than ever.

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Whether you’re looking to advance your career, take that leap of faith, or completely change course, networks are fundamental. The key is to know the Latina organizations and collectives working out there to support other Latinas and maybe convince ourselves to leave our comfort zone.

Networks help you listen and exchange ideas, helping you feel less alone in your journey. It also makes your own projects noticeable, opening the path to new opportunities.

That’s why we’ve curated the ultimate list of Latina networks you should support — and maybe join — this year.

Entrepreneur Latina Leaders of America

For example, Entrepreneur Latina Leaders of America (ELLA) is one of our favorite organizations. It is a leadership development program for Latina entrepreneurs that empowers and inspires micro-entrepreneurs from all backgrounds.

ELLA was launched in 2015 “to serve Latina entrepreneurs who are achieving their American dream” of owning and growing a business. They do so by offering a wide range of resources, as well as the Pathway Women’s Business Center and SCORE program. Participants learn topics relevant to business development, including bootstrap marketing, accounting, financial literacy, and more.

Latina Business Network

Now, if you are on the East Coast, the Latina Business Network (LABNNY) is your place to go. LABNNY helps connect its members with fellow Latina businesswomen “to gain exposure for their companies” and grow professionally.

If you become a LABNNY member, you join a growing network of business professionals who empower each other and give back to the community. Check their member plans and their super insightful Mini Webinar Series.

City Señoras

Are you stepping into your Señora Era? This network is for you. City Señoras is a social club that wants to help you get out of your comfort zone “and into community through self-care.” Founders Alexis Mendias and Jaqueline Padilla decided to create a community to build a space “that feels like home” for all of those who are struggling with the loneliness epidemic in New York City.

Amigas in Business

Similarly, #WeAllGrow’s network of Amigas in Business offers events where Latina entrepreneurs gather to gain insider tips on growing their businesses. You can even access their recorded sessions on their website!

#WeAllGrow’s co-CEOs, Ana Flores and Vanessa Santos, want to guide other Latina entrepreneurs to trust their entrepreneurial vision and to “lead with your soul.” You can apply to the Amigas in Business Pitch Competition here.

#WeAllGrow’s Amigahood

If you don’t know where to start yet, #WeAllGrow’s online community is an excellent place to start. Amigahood offers original content, virtual events, mentorship, wellness sessions, resources, and more. They also offer exclusive perks “created specifically to support entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals.” The best of it all? Membership is free!


But if you’re into joining long-standing networks, MANA is a good option. This national Latina organization has been around since 1974, representing the interests of Latinas and their families on issues that impact our communities. With chapters nationwide, this national grassroots membership organization provides local programming to educate and empower our communities.

Chicana Latina Foundation

However, if you’re looking to support an organization in California, maybe you should take a look at what the Chicana Latina Foundation is doing. This nonprofit organization promotes the professional and leadership development of Latinas. From scholarships to help Latina students finish their education to a Leadership Institute and workshops, this is a unique network to support all year long.

The Latina Center

Now, if you live in Contra Costa County or in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are also networks there you can support. One of them is The Latina Center, a community-based organization that supports the leadership development, health, well-being, and economic empowerment of Latinas in the region.

The Latina Center offers trauma-informed and culturally relevant programs and services. Similarly, they partner with other organizations to create better systems, policy change, and racial equity for all.


But if you’re in love with tech or want to start your journey in the industry, #LatinaGeeks is perfect for you. This is the first-of-its-kind community and media resource to empower and inspire Latinas “by spreading the knowledge of technology, social media, and entrepreneurship.”

This nonprofit organization has chapters across the western United States. Their mission is “to educate and empower Latinas by sharing technical knowledge, business skills, and entrepreneurship resources.” 

They do so through hands-on workshops, strategic partnerships, and community events.

Latinas in Tech

Similarly, Latinas in Tech wants to help represent Latinas throughout all levels of the tech ecosystem. This nonprofit organization provides the resources, opportunities, and community Latinas need to thrive in the tech industry. While the group began in Silicon Valley in 2014, it has since expanded to many cities around the world!

Latinas On the Verge of Excellence (L.O.V.E Mentoring)

But if health is one of your main concerns, Latinas On the Verge of Excellence is a network you should watch closely – and maybe support! 

This Mentoring Program empowers young women to identify their innate strength to fulfill their personal and professional goals through mentorship and health education. They do so through a culturally and linguistically sensitive approach, teaching Latinas of diverse backgrounds about mental health, reproductive health, and college and career readiness.


Finally, we know the future of our community is the younger generations. That’s why the work of organizations like Latinitas is so crucial. This organization empowers students to innovate through media and technology. 

Through after-school clubs, camps, events, and publications, they provide “a space, both physical and online, for students to express themselves, develop their skills, and learn about their culture.” But most importantly, Latinitas help students “discover their unique voice.”