Adriana Lima has long been praised for her astounding beauty and seamless presence on the runway. The Brazilian model has become a fashion icon throughout the years, serving as the longest-running Vitoria’s Secret model and even coined the “most valuable” angel by D’Marie.

But all her virtues still haven’t stopped internet trolls from coming after her.

After attending the Los Angeles premiere of “The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” on November 13, many took to social media to criticize her appearance.

Claiming she looked “unrecognizable” and stating she had plastic surgery to make her eyes look “foxier.” Once Lima caught a whiff of the commentary, though, she clapped back like a true Latina.

Adriana Lima clapped back at haters with a barefaced selfie, “the face of a tired mom”

Not letting the bastards get her down, Lima swiftly took to her Instagram Stories to respond to her haters. Posting a makeup-less selfie, she wrote:

“The face of a tired mom of one teenage girl, two pre-teens, one active boy, a one-year-old learning to walk, and three dogs…thanks for your concern.”

Her candid reaction served as a slap in the face to those who criticized her. Others defended her fiercely on Instagram.

“Everyone bashing her needs to stop ???? She’s always had a very angular face, but bc she was skeletal, it looked a certain way. Now that she looks a little heavier (and healthier), her face looks different ????????‍♀️ it doesn’t have to be fillers, y’all,” one Instagram user commented on a previously posted photo.

Another added, “We love you from the inside and outside. You are our inspiration, and we idolize you. Love you forever & always ????.”

And, of course, many encouraged her to block out the haters. “Adriana, you are absolutely gorgeous; please don’t let the hate put you down!”

The model has, in fact, a lot on her plate

The 42-year-old FIFA Global Fan Ambassador is just as busy in her personal life as she is modeling. She is mother to daughters Sienna and Valentina, who she shares with ex-husband Marko Jarić. And recently, she had her youngest son with her current partner, Andre Lemmers.

Aside from her biological children, Lima is also the stepmother of Lemmers’ two children. Another equally adorable trait? She’s a dog mom, too. Yep, she has three pups. We’re here for it, motherpuppers.

Her candid response sparked discussions on shaming women as they age

Lima’s makeup-less selfie not only empowered her but opened a discussion on why trolls feel free to shame women’s ever-changing bodies and faces.

Many came to her defense on X, asking trolls to quit it. As one user wrote, this is what we’re “not gonna do”:

And as this user points out, it’s time people accepted that the model is human, like the rest of us.

But above all else, this still holds very true: