Yas! It’s that beautiful time of year again when a new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race premieres — and we’re here for it!

After fifteen successful seasons filled with T, shade, and incomparable talent, the reality competition television series brings back more than ten talented Queens and an exquisite panel of judges.

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As announced by MTV, this year’s roster of judges will feature none other than Latin pop princess Becky G and the fantastic Mayan Lopez of “Lopez vs. Lopez.” Joining them will also be Charlize Theron and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

RuPaul’s Drag Race continues to make Latinx HERstory

Among the season 16 competitors, the show has selected the first two DACA recipients, Geneva Karr from Texas and Xunami Muse, the diva from New York.

“This is something big for us because I believe we are the first DACA queens on the show,” Geneva Karr says in the trailer.

While we don’t know if any previous contestants were also beneficiaries of the program, this is the first time Deferred Action has been front and center on the show.

Alongside Geneva will be Xunami Muse, Megami, Mirage, and Morphine Love Dion.

RuPaul’s Drag Race has been a unique stage for our community’s representation

Since its first season, the show has showcased talents such as Puerto Rican Nina Flowers, Jessica Wild, Bianca Del Rio, Jade Sotomayor, Rebecca Glasscock, and even Del Rio’s successor, Violet Chachki, who is of part Ecuadorian descent.

Other unforgettable stars were Crystal Methyd, Kandy Muse, Yara Sofia, Miss Shuga Cain, Selina Estities, and the unforgettable Alexis Mateo.

For the Latinx Queens, RuPaul’s has been a unique opportunity to represent their communities

From the inspiration of their mothers’ heels to growing up with beauty pageants on television, many of these Reinas have been able to honor their culture when it comes to putting on drag.

“I remember one of my earliest gifts was a Celia Cruz CD for Three Kings Day. She was very impactful because she was very extravagant,” April Carrion of Season 6 told The Wrap. “Salsa music, merengue, it’s just part of my culture. It’s how I grew up.”

“My drag is based on Latin dance culture,” said Alexis Mateo. “I used to go to dance school since I was a little boy, so the whole Latin ballroom competition is always around my fashion and the way that I perform because it’s part of my life as a real person.”

In fact, on our show Girl Let Me Tell You, we had the honor of speaking with season 15 contestant Selina Estities, whose shows “Elotería” and “Shark Bait Sundays” have received tremendous acclaim. The former was voted the best drag show of 2022 in Los Angeles.

Selina spoke of her experience recognizing her Latino heritage and how accepting herself as gay helped her embrace all parts of herself.

For the Queen, it was about “working on that shame” and hearing from her mother about her migrant family history.

“This is where I’m coming from,” Selina said. “And for me, to create a life for myself [means honoring] what my mom came out here to create.”