Becky G, 26, attended Creative Artists Agency’s Amplify event this week and shared a story that “hurt” in a “good” way. She recalled that “She was mistaken For Staff at a company she owns “

The “Mayores” singer sat down with fellow panelists, discussing her thoughts on inclusivity and diversity as a businesswoman. In the words of “Hamilton,” Becky G focused on being in “The Room Where It Happens” — and what happens once you’re there.

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As shown in a video posted by CAA Amplify’s Instagram page, the singer talked about a very exciting endeavor. “I’m an investor in the first female soccer team to ever exist in Los Angeles called Angel City.”

Becky G joined the ranks as an investor in Angel City FC back in October 2020. At the time, fellow investor Eva Longoria helped announce the news, with Becky G saying: “All I’ve kept thinking is, you know, being born and raised in [Los Angeles] and how much it’s inspired me.”

“To be able to look at [my abuelitos] and tell them that their granddaughter is officially an owner in the first female [soccer] club in L.A., in my city, is such a blessing,” she added.

While Becky G described the investment opportunity as “crazy” and inspiring, something unfortunate transpired at Angel City FC’s first game. Luckily, the singer saw an opportunity to drop a major “bomb” in response.

Becky G said a fellow Angel City FC investor asked her if she was part of the staff

The “Chanel” singer set the scene, explaining at CAA’s event exactly what happened at Angel City FC’s first-ever game.

She recalled, “One of the most interesting things was, our first game ever, it’s a history-making moment, and I’m the youngest in the room.”

“I’m one of many bada** females, but not a lot of women of color. And so, they invite all the investors in the room before we walk out, and a bunch of people are walking in, and I even question myself,” she described.

“I was like, ‘Man, do I go in there? Do I own enough to be considered one of them?’ Whatever that is, that mentality,” she remembered.

Still, people inside encouraged her to enter the room, so she did. However, she could have never guessed what happened next.

“An older gentleman bumps into me and you know, spills his beer on me, and [says] ‘Oh, excuse you, excuse you.'”

“I’m like [fake laughs], ‘Excuse me… Like excuse me?'”

The man then somehow confused her for staff. He replied, “Do you work here?” Which is… unbelievable. Why.

Did Becky G cower in the face of adversity, though? Nope. She says, “I was like, ‘This hurts so good. I love this feeling, because I can’t wait for this bomb that I’m about to drop on you, sir.'”

The “MAMIII” singer gave the best-ever reply to the rude investor

At that point, Becky G dropped an amazing bomb on the fellow investor and we love her for it.

“No, actually, I’m an investor too,” she told him. “And (he) was like, ‘Oh?'” Ha.

The singer’s takeaway from the moment? “I love dropping bombs on them, let’s not be afraid to do it.”

“[Let’s] speak of the elephant in the room,” she urged. “About all the little –isms we experience on a daily basis. It’s the least we can do for each other.”

As Becky G explained to Vanity Fair, her meteoric rise as a platinum-selling singer and successful businesswoman isn’t lost on her. Especially when reflecting on her partial ownership of Angel City FC.

“It’s an awesome experience because I recognize how incredible it is that a little brown girl from L.A. owns a part of this soccer club,” she told the outlet.

“There’s so many layers, right?” explained, “You’re Latina, you’re a girl … and then you’re the youngest person in the room.”

However, as she explained at the panel, dropping those very important bombs is necessary (and yes, sometimes fun).

“I can’t wait until we continue to be in spaces like this and drop those bombs on people and say, ‘Damn.’