Cardi B is showing the world her love for Selena Quintanilla once again. The rapper took the stage at the TikTok in the Mix concert in Mesa, Arizona, with an outfit that sent fans into an uproar.

Wearing a jumpsuit similar to the iconic purple one Selena sported at the Houston Astrodome concert in 1995, she addressed her fans. “What’s the outfit giving today… it’s giving ‘Como la flor, con tanto amor.'”

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As the crowd roared, Cardi continued with her rendition of the famous track. But that wasn’t the only way she honored the Queen of Tex-Mex at the star-studded concert.

Cardi B paid homage to Selena Quintanilla with a grand entrance and iconic outfit

Down to the last detail, the “WAP” artist honored Quintanilla with particular symbols. For one, her entrance onstage featured her emerging from a giant Faberge egg carriage. Similarly, Quintanilla entered her 1995 Houston Astrodome concert in a horse-pulled carriage.

Additionally, Cardi’s outfit was nearly identical to Quintanilla’s, except for color and a few minor details. Like Quintanilla, Cardi included a long-sleeved jacket before revealing the crimson criss-crossed one-piece.

Fans took to X, posting their thoughts on the outfit similarities and praising Cardi for making it happen.

“Cardi B is the trap Selena!” one fan wrote.

Others addressed how evident her love for the late “Dreaming of You” star is.

One even made this side-by-side comparison of the two artists, 28 years apart.

The “Bodak Yellow” artist previously labeled herself the “Trap Selena”

It’s safe to say that Quintanilla’s fandom can be protective of her legacy. So, when Cardi called herself the “trap Selena” in a line from “MotorSport” a while back, fans had a lot to say.

“I’m the trap Selena/Dame más gasolina,” the lyrics say. And while the fandom took it to heart, Belcalis Almanzar, Cardi B’s real name, explained why she honored Quintanilla in this way.

“I said Trap Selena because who didn’t want to be Selena?” she wrote on X. “She is an alter ego that everybody would want to be, and I want the world to know how much I love her.”

Meanwhile, Suzette Quintanilla defended Cardi, saying she thought the gesture was an “honor” during an interview on Power 106’s The Cruz Show.

“I think it’s an honor because it just shows that Selena is a legend, and she’s being recognized,” she stated. “Not just in the Latino community or Latin music, she’s worldwide.”