Breaking. There aren’t “Only Murders In The Building” anymore— now we get a major cameo from Eva Longoria, 48, too. Yes, the actress will officially star in the Emmy-winning Hulu show for its much-anticipated fourth season. And while Longoria wrote on Instagram that she is “so excited” for her role, we might be even more pumped. Both Selena Gomez, 31, and Longoria in the same series? This is a bit too much to take:

Ahead, find what we know so far about Longoria’s upcoming role, and all the details on “Only Murders In The Building” season four.

Yes, our wishes have come true: Eva Longoria and Selena Gomez in the same show

As reported by Variety, Longoria has officially joined season four of “Only Murders In The Building,” joining cast members like Gomez, Steve Martin, 78, Martin Short, 73, and Meryl Streep, 74.

A.K.A., the cast is better than ever.

Sadly, Hulu is keeping details about Longoria’s role more secret than all our family chismes. While we wait for production to spill the tea on Longoria’s character, we do know that it will be a recurring role. Even more, season four will reportedly take place in both Los Angeles and New York.

Moreover, according to Deadline, the upcoming season will focus on solving the murder of stunt double Sazz Pataki, played by Jane Lynch, 63. In the series, Pataki dies from a gunshot through a window, and attempts to write a note in blood on the floor.

Well, the fourth season is all about solving this new mystery— and as per reports, Longoria’s character will be deeply involved in the process. In fact, The Hollywood Reporter states that the Mexican-American actress will play an L.A. businesswoman who dives deep into the hair-raising murder investigation. Did we say we’re excited for this?!

And while we’re pumped to see Longoria acting opposite Gomez’s character Mabel Mora, we’re just as excited to see the cast traverse L.A. As Disney TV Group President Craig Erwich told Deadline, the cast will “take a little break from the apartment building and come to Los Angeles.”

As for Longoria, she has also kept relatively quiet about her role. She simply posted on her IG Stories amid the announcement that she is “so excited” to join the cast. Us? Just counting the days until Hulu finally announces the new season’s release date.