Sound the alarms. “Madame Web” is hitting movie theaters on February 14, and we’re bracing ourselves for the Marvel thriller’s twists and turns. 

Dakota Johnson, 34, stars as Manhattan paramedic Cassandra Webb, who mysteriously develops psychic abilities after an accident. And yes, her skills are even more impressive than your tía’s brujería powers. Becoming Madame Web, the heroine soon befriends three women: iconic Marvel comics characters Julia Cornwall (Sydney Sweeney, 26), Mattie Franklin (Celeste O’Connor, 25), and Anya Corazón (Isabela Merced, 22). What follows is a supernatural rabbit hole through destiny— unless the future can be changed, of course. 

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We’re extra-pumped for Peruvian-American star Isabela Merced’s role as Anya Corazón, marking the first time we see a live-action version of the character on the big screen. First appearing in Marvel comics in 2004, Anya Corazón is a Mexican-Puerto Rican superhero who is also known as “Araña.”  Speaking about her role, Merced told FIERCE that she “truly related” to Anya Corazón.

“Right off the page, I noticed that we were very similar,” Merced explained. “We both love math… We love a sense of control in a world that makes no sense.” Even more, the 22-year-old actress said she relates to the “pressure” Anya Corazón feels, which she says is rooted in the superhero’s “immigrant mentality.”

“She needs to be the best at everything in order to be okay and safe in America, and stay there,” Merced described. “And live a decent life, one that was sacrificed for her.”

So what to expect from the movie? Well, it’s also about the “community” between the group of female characters. “I think the main lesson in this is not only community and chosen family,” the actress stated. “It’s also showing the importance of women having a space.”

Ahead, find the fan videos that are making us even more excited for “Madame Web”— including tons of premiere-ready makeup looks. Yes, we see a movie theater outing in our futures, too.

1. Abelardo Campuzano


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♬ Ghibli-style nostalgic waltz – MaSssuguMusic

Question: are all moms secretly-psychic? And on that note, why do they all possess supernatural chancleta-throwing abilities? Either way, we want a “Madame Web” movie night with our moms now. 

2. Cristal Hernandez Tapia


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♬ original sound – Cristal Hernandez

Love makeup and in-depth movie plot explainers? Then this video will be your jam. In other news, we have our movie theater outfit solved: a leather trench coat and black wig, of course.

3. Jayy Duran


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If you need more “Madame Web”-themed makeup inspiration, look no further. We’re not saying “too much” about the film’s plot either, but we will reveal that we’re recreating this spiderweb look ASAP.

4. Pau Torres

If you had a superpower what would it be? We would love to see the future à la Madame Web— and if we did, we would see lots of Hot Cheetos. Plus, in the words of Walter Mercado, “Mucho mucho amor.”

5. Maria Fassrainer


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♬ original sound – Maria Fassrainer creative mua

Madame Web “helps and guides” her fellow supernatural pals through the Spiderverse, because she’s just fierce like that. And yes, this crystal spiderweb eye makeup is very fierce, too. 

6. Marisol Sandoval


Madame Web was my inspiration for this look…????️????️ #Ad Make sure to watch #MadameWeb in theaters exclusively on February 14th ❤️ Tickets are available now… ???????? @Sony Pictures

♬ original sound – Marisol Sandoval

Speaking of fierce, this beauty look is also inspired by Madame Web’s clairvoyant abilities… and her role in the Spiderverse. Extra points for the crystal spider! We just got a vision of our Halloween costume this year. 

7. Nicole Valadez

Just like the moment Cassandra Webb’s life changed forever, makeup has the power to “shape our own destiny,” too. So why not shape it with a cute spiderweb eye makeup look?

Watch “Madame Web” in movie theaters on February 14.