When the drag artist Jo Lopez took the stage Sunday afternoon at West Hollywood’s famed club, The Abbey, little did she know that her lifelong dream would come true. The artist was performing her traditional show impersonating the iconic JLo at Sunday brunch when the audience told her to turn around.

Sneaking through the curtains, the real JLo greeted the crowd by saying, “Hi, guys.” Her impersonator simply lost it, and with her, everyone in attendance.

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Jo was wearing a replica of Lopez’s iconic wedding dress, complete with heart-shaped cutouts from the music video “Can’t Get Enough.” As the drag performer blew kisses to the audience, JLo gave her the scare of her life.

“You don’t need me to perform,” Jlo joked.

“I do!” Jo answered, laughing hysterically.

Moments later, the drag performer and singer donned replicas of the famous blue and green Versace dress JLo wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards ceremony. And the rest was history.

JLo again shows her support for the LGBTQ+ community

For many, the Latina actress‘s appearance on The Abbey over the weekend may have been a PR affair. However, for a community that has fewer and fewer spaces, is persecuted for reading books to children, and discriminated against for their identity, JLo’s gesture is crucial.

As the “Daily Mail” explained, the star went to the iconic club to present founder and now former owner David Cooley with a plaque recognizing his 33 years of service.

“I just wanted to come along today and celebrate someone very special,” she began in her introduction of Cooley. “Someone who has been supportive to me and so many other artists and has given 33 years of sanctuary and ceremony and service to the LGBTQ community.”

JLo also used the event to promote her ready-to-drink liquor brand, Delola, and her new single “Can’t Get Enough.”

A moment to remember

This was not the first time the iconic Latina showed her respect for the Queer community. In fact, JLo has always been an ally in the fight for LGBTQ rights. In 2013, she was honored by the Human Rights Campaign with the 2013 Ally for Equality Award; in 2014, she received the GLAAD Vanguard Award. She has been a fierce advocate for same-sex marriage and has raised millions of dollars for HIV/AIDS research, according to HRC.

Lopez herself shared photos and videos from Sunday’s event on her Instagram account, as she was grateful for the opportunity and enjoyed serving drinks behind the bar.

For her part, Jo Lopez celebrated the iconic moment on her own social media.

“I have a crusty lace. I have an ugly scar on my chin. My facial hair is coming in. My makeup is oily. And that double chin… I look CRAZY,” Jo shared on Instagram Story. “But I met Jlo today, and nothing else matters.”