In a recent interview with Vogue Spain, Colombian singer Karol G shared what can’t be missing in her purse.

“Something that definitely can’t be missing neither in my bag nor in my friends’ bags, something I always have to have near me, is perfume,” the singer said while pulling out a bottle wrapped in black tape. “That’s not really what my perfume looks like. I cover it with tape only so they don’t know what perfume I use.”

Karol G assured that she sprays perfume “all the time, at all times, everywhere,” even during the changes in her show. “I always bathe in perfume and go out,” she said.

The Colombian singer added that her perfume “smells like a man.”

“I’m not one for fruity or sweet smells,” she added. “The truth is that I’ve been using the same one for about nine years. It’s a man’s perfume and smells like heaven and the gods themselves.”


No sabemos qué perfume usa nuestra estrella de portada, @Karol G, pero sí que huele a diosa ???? #karolg #perfume

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Karol G’s fans jump on the investigation

In no time, TikTok users quickly came up with the name of Karol G’s mysterious favorite perfume.

According to several, the singer’s must-have fragrance would be one from the Bond No. 9 perfume house, specifically Bleecker Street. In fact, many highlighted that Karol G’s partner, Feid, confirms this is her fragrance in the song “Velocidad Crucero,” where he sings, “Bleecker es su olor.”

Others also noted that Karol mentions her perfume in the song “Poblado” when she sings, “Me compró unos panty Moschino pa’ que modele y un perfume Bond, ¡Ay, qué rico huele!”

The New York-based American perfume house has become world famous since its launch in 2003 by Laurice Rahmé.

The brand’s name comes from the location of its flagship store, 9 Bond Street, in Manhattan’s NoHo district. Its “neighborhood fragrance” aesthetic seems to have won the heart of the Colombian singer.

But why gatekeep?

In the online debate, many fans questioned why Karol G didn’t share the name of her favorite perfume.

“Scents are too personal,” said one user. “I think they’re the only thing that is ok to gatekeep. I don’t want everyone smelling like me.”

Another user argued that Karol G didn’t mention the name “so as not to do free promotion.”

But what many agreed on is that, in fact, Karol G’s perfume smells like gods.

“I use it, and it’s delicious,” said one user. “This perfume is divine,” said another.

Feel like trying it? You can get Karol G’s perfume here.