Since Israel began its invasion of Gaza in October last year, some 38,000 Palestinians have been killed. Benjamin Netanyahu’s bloody campaign is now considered the most horrific since World War II.

Every hour that passes, Israeli missiles kill 15 people in Gaza, six of whom are children. What was once one of the most densely populated areas in the world is now a Dantesque scene.

Meanwhile, the media, popular opinion, and celebrities and their gigantic platforms remain divided in the sterile discussion of false antisemitism versus irrefutable logic and morality. Some perpetuate the erroneous “Israel is chasing terrorists” argument. Others loudly demand a ceasefire and denounce the most gruesome genocide. Worse still, others remain silent.

We then ask ourselves, what is the position of Latino celebrities? What use have they made of their platforms to denounce what is happening in Palestine?

Here is the (evolving) list of Latino artists and celebrities who have spoken out in support of Palestine and demanded a ceasefire in Gaza.

America Ferrera was one of the first to call for a ceasefire

Just weeks after the start of Israel’s invasion of Gaza, America Ferrera was named as one of GLAMOUR’S Global Honourees at the 2023 Women of the Year Awards.

Ferrera used her speech to call for the conflict to end and for women and children to “live in peace.”

“All of our sisters are not safe,” she said. “Like all of you, my heart is broken and heavy with the weight of what our sisters around the world endure every day. And as we sit here tonight celebrating, our sisters and their families in Gaza and Israel are living through horror.”


Replying to @crunchey_1809 Who else is supporting Palestinians in their struggle for recognition and human rights? #feminism #popculture #feministsoftiktok

♬ America Ferrera supports the Palestinian people – illesha magdalena????

“The brutality of terror and war is unfolding before our eyes. Entire families have been and continue to be erased.”

“The one thing we know about war? It never benefits women,” America Ferrera added. “What are our voices if not to cry out on behalf of our sisters? In this moment, we can stand together and call for an end to all violence.

Similarly, Ferrera was among dozens of entertainment industry stars who signed a letter urging President Biden to push for an immediate de-escalation and ceasefire just three weeks after the start of Israel’s invasion.

Ana de Armas unfollows pro-Israel activism in Hollywood

For her part, Cuban actress Ana de Armas unfollowed Israeli-born actress Gal Gadot after the latter organized a screening in support of Israel.

Chilean singer Ana Tijoux has supported Palestine for over a decade

Before Israel’s invasion of Palestine began, Chilean singer Ana Tijoux had her political position very clear.

In 2014, she collaborated with Palestinian rapper Shadia Mansour on the track Somos Sur, an anthem of resistance and solidarity. Tijoux has often discussed the similarities between Chile’s resistance movements and Palestine.

In 2022, she signed onto the Musicians For Palestine pledge, refusing to perform in Israel. She has spoken out several times against the genocide in Gaza and raised funds for hospitals in the region.

In May 2024, Tijoux wore the Palestinian keffiyeh during her Tiny Desk performance.

Cardi B did not mince words when it came to denouncing the Biden administration

For her part, Cardi B denounced President Joe Biden and his administration for their involvement and support of Israel. In a Rolling Stone cover story published May 6, she said, “[The United States] doesn’t pay for endless wars for countries that have been going through s-t for a long time.”

“There are countries [where] children are being killed every day, but because [the U.S.] doesn’t benefit from that country, it doesn’t help,” she continued. “I don’t like America wearing this superhero cape. We never did things to be superheroes. We did things for our own convenience.”

Drag Queen Chiquitettas protested in the middle of the GLAAD Media Awards

In the middle of RuPaul’s Drag Race judge Ross Mathews’ monologue during the GLAAD Media Awards on May 12, Drag Queen Chiquitettas shouted, “GLAAD is complicit in genocide.”

What started as a larger outdoor protest with 150 people became an activist disruption led by the Latina drag artist.

Diana Guerrero won’t let people bully her into silence

Another actress who has been very vocal in denouncing the genocide in Gaza has been Diana Guerrero. After remaining silent during the first months of the Israeli invasion, the Orange Is The New Black alum shared a post on social media where she assured to be “ashamed for shying away” from the situation. Since then, she has been very active on social media and in street protests, sharing information and denouncing the genocide.

She also contributed to the Voices for Gaza campaign by reading the testimony of an emergency pediatric doctor on the ground.

Palestinian-Chilean singer Elyanna has taken her anti-genocide message to her over 1 million followers

Chilean-Palestinian artist Elyanna is one of the most vocal artists on the situation in Gaza. Born in Nazareth, Elyanna has amassed a large following for her talent in fusing Arabic music with Latin rhythms.

The artist uses her platform to educate about Palestinian culture and music. In May, she had her TV debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where she wore a Keffiyeh.

Latinas in the reality TV world have also used their platforms

Erica Mena is a reality TV star known for appearing on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: New York” and “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.” She began her career as a dancer in music videos for several famous rappers and has amassed a significant social media following, with nearly 7 million Instagram followers. Recently, Mena has become a vocal advocate for Palestinian rights. She has expressed strong criticisms of Israel’s actions in the ongoing conflict with Gaza.

Mena has shown her support for Palestine through a series of social media posts and public statements. She tweeted accusations against Israel, claiming they are committing genocide and targeting children, and expressed her disgust towards the nation. Despite facing backlash and having to delete some tweets, Mena continued to voice her opinions. She called for Americans to support humanity over politics and condemning the violence in Gaza.

Jenna Ortega did not keep quiet either

Jenna Ortega has shown her support for Palestine and condemned Israel’s actions through various social media posts. She posted a photo on Instagram of a family in a poppy field with the caption, “Masses debating over a ceasefire while thousands upon thousands of children continue being slaughtered. Where is the humanity,” and tagged the location as “Rafah, Gaza.” Ortega has consistently shared posts highlighting the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. These include Pedro Pascal’s post with the activist phrase “All eyes on Rafah” and a UNICEF statement condemning the attacks on Rafah.

Additionally, Ortega supported a fundraiser for the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, which has raised over $371,000. Her outspoken stance is notable, particularly because her “Scream” costar Melissa Barrera was fired from the franchise for her pro-Palestine posts. Despite Barrera’s firing, Ortega showed solidarity by liking a post about Barrera standing her ground. She expressed support for her former costar, demonstrating her commitment to advocating for Palestinian rights and condemning the violence in Gaza.

Kehlani has been particularly vocal about what’s going on in Gaza

For her part, singer/songwriter Kehlani, who has described her ethnicity as a mix of “black, white, Native American, Filipino and Mexican,” has a thing or two to say about the genocide in Gaza.

Kehlani has been a vocal supporter of Palestine. They have used their platform to call out peers in the music industry for their silence on the issue. In a series of Instagram videos, Kehlani criticized their “highly fucking platformed” peers for not speaking out about the humanitarian crisis. They expressed deep frustration and disappointment, stating that the true purpose of their work lies in supporting people and that those who remain silent are “disgusting.”

Beyond vocal advocacy, Kehlani has taken concrete actions to support Palestine. They raised over $555,000 for Gaza, Sudan, and Congo and publicly thanked their fans for their support. In their statement, Kehlani emphasized the importance of community solidarity and the failure of institutions to protect vulnerable populations. They highlighted the significance of the fundraiser, which supported artists in the West Bank and provided aid to families in Gaza, Sudan, and Congo. Kehlani’s commitment to activism is evident in their public statements and tangible efforts to provide relief and support for those affected by the conflict.

Former Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui has been an outspoken advocate for Palestinian rights

Lauren Jauregui is another Latina who is using her platform to highlight the ongoing crisis in Gaza. In a heartfelt social media post, she expressed her determination to use her privilege and voice to speak up for those being “obliterated” before her eyes. She reflected on her early education about the Holocaust and various genocides throughout history, vowing never to remain silent if she witnessed such atrocities. Jauregui condemned the U.S. government’s role in funding mass murder around the world, emphasizing her empathy for the Palestinian people and her refusal to ignore their suffering. She described her empathy as a superpower that fuels her activism, ensuring she remains sensitive to the pain and injustices others face.

In addition to her social media advocacy, Jauregui has actively participated in discussions and raised awareness through various media channels. She joined former presidential candidate Marianne Williamson in a heated Instagram Live discussion about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, defending her use of terms like “genocide” and “apartheid” to describe the situation in Gaza. Jauregui also incorporated prominent Palestinian and Gaza imagery in her latest music video, “The Day the World Blows Up,” further demonstrating her commitment to raising awareness through her art. Despite facing pushback, she remains steadfast in her support for Palestinian rights, calling for a ceasefire and advocating for a future free of siege and occupation.

Melanie Martinez even had a microphone turned off for shouting her support for Palestine

Similarly, singer Melanie Martinez has actively supported Palestine, clarifying her stance on social media. In response to a query on Instagram, she firmly stated that she does not support Zionism and fully supports Palestine.

Additionally, she participated in a collective action by signing an open letter addressed to President Joe Biden urging an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Numerous Hollywood celebrities signed this letter, titled ‘Artists 4 Ceasefire’, calling for an end to the bombing in Gaza.

Furthermore, during a concert in Paris, Martinez unfurled a Palestinian flag and displayed the message “Free Palestine. Ceasefire now,” further demonstrating her commitment to the cause.

Melissa Barrera is one of the artists who has even been fired for being vocal in favor of Palestine

Melissa Barrera, a Mexican-born actress known for her roles in “In the Heights” and the “Scream” franchise, has been vocal about her support for Palestine and the situation in Gaza. Following the October 7 attack by Hamas on Israel and Israel’s subsequent military response, Barrera used her social media platforms to share her views, describing Gaza’s conditions as similar to a concentration camp and accusing Israel of genocide and ethnic cleansing. These statements led to her being fired from her role in “Scream VII” by Spyglass Media, which cited a zero-tolerance policy for antisemitism and hate speech.

Despite the professional repercussions, Barrera has remained steadfast in her advocacy for Palestinian rights. She has continued to share information about the conflict and has participated in fundraising efforts to support Palestinians. Barrera’s actions have sparked significant controversy and debate, but she has gained a substantial following and support from various individuals and organizations who align with her views. She has emphasized her commitment to human rights and the importance of speaking out against injustices, even in the face of personal and professional challenges.

Artists from the electronic music scene have also spoken out in favor of Palestine

Nicolás Jaar, an influential electronic music Chilean artist, has actively supported Palestinian causes through his work and public statements. He contributed to the ‘ENOUGH!’ compilation, which raises funds for Palestinian children affected by the Israeli military’s assaults on Gaza. This digital-only album, featuring 62 tracks from various artists, directs all proceeds to Dr. Ghassan Abu Sittah’s Children’s Fund, aiming to treat injured children, rebuild medical infrastructure, and support orphaned children in Gaza. Jaar’s involvement reflects his commitment to using his platform to bring attention to the Palestinian struggle and provide tangible support to those affected.

Jaar’s connection to Palestine is deeply personal, stemming from his family’s roots and experiences. He has traveled extensively in the West Bank and performed in Ramallah. Jaar’s latest album, “Sirens,” is influenced by the Palestinian conflict and broader political issues. The record reflects his desire to address these themes through his art. He also highlights the challenges faced by Palestinians in Israel, such as discrimination at social venues, and supports inclusive spaces like the Palestinian-owned Kabareet in Haifa. Through his music and activism, Jaar continues to advocate for Palestinian rights and raise awareness about their plight.

Pedro Pascal has been vocal since the beginning of the genocide

Pedro Pascal, a prominent Chilean-born actor, has publicly supported Palestine by calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. On Christmas Day, he posted an Instagram picture of a sign reading “Ceasefire now.” He urged his followers to donate to Doctors Without Borders, which provides medical aid in Gaza. Pascal has frequently used his Instagram stories to share donation links, highlighting the humanitarian crisis and advocating for an end to the violence.

Pascal’s advocacy aligns with a broader movement among celebrities who have spoken out against the Israeli military’s actions in Gaza. By sharing a photo holding a “Ceasefire Now” sign with the logo of Doctors Without Borders, Pascal emphasized his commitment to the cause. His actions draw attention to the plight of Palestinians and support the efforts of medical volunteers working in the region. Pascal’s stance contributes to the visibility and awareness of the Palestinian struggle, demonstrating solidarity through his influential platform.

Residente is one of the few artists from Puerto Rico who have made their voices heard

Residente, the Puerto Rican singer born René Pérez, has actively supported the Palestinian cause through his music and public statements. Recently, he released a song titled “Bajo los Escombros” (Under the Rubble) in collaboration with Palestinian singer Amal Murkus. The emotionally charged music, accompanied by a live performance video featuring Palestinian musicians, addresses the suffering and resilience of the Palestinian people amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Residente shared on social media that the song was written from a place of pain, expressing his feelings of helplessness and his desire to do more for the affected children.

In addition, Residente has been vocal about his disappointment in fellow artists who remain silent about the Israeli military’s actions. He criticized his peers’ lack of public support and expressed his frustration with their inaction. The video for “Bajo los Escombros” features Residente wearing a keffiyeh. It also includes scenes of children from Gaza holding toys, paying homage to the young victims of the conflict.

Ricky Martin also joined the ranks

A few weeks ago, Ricky Martin shared a message on his Instagram stories showing his support for an immediate ceasefire. Martin shared a Unicef post echoing the words of the humanitarian agency’s Executive Director, Catherine Russell.

Sara Ramirez is another Latine star who has paid the price for speaking out in favor of Palestine

Sara Ramirez, an actor known for their roles in “Grey’s Anatomy” and “And Just Like That,” has been outspoken in their support for Palestine. They believe this stance has impacted their career in Hollywood. Ramirez has criticized the entertainment industry for blacklisting actors who express pro-Palestinian views. Similarly, she has accused casting directors and agents of ensuring that such individuals do not get work. They highlighted this issue on Instagram, pointing out the hypocrisy in Hollywood, where some celebrities are supported for speaking against the violence while others with smaller platforms are marginalized or fired.

Ramirez has actively participated in pro-Palestinian protests, including a demonstration in Brooklyn and the March for Gaza in Washington, DC. They have used their Instagram to encourage donations to Gaza and share information about the conflict. Ramirez’s posts call out the performative nature of Hollywood’s support for social causes. She criticizes the industry’s ties to weapons manufacturers supporting the Israeli military.

Independent artists also raise their voices

Vianney Harelly, a Latina poet and visual artist from Tijuana/San Diego, has steadfastly advocated for a Free Palestine. Through her Instagram platform, Vianney has consistently highlighted the plight of Palestinians. She uses her poetic voice and visual artistry to bring attention to the ongoing conflict and advocate for peace.

Her posts often feature heartfelt messages, images, and events to raise awareness and inspire empathy. By sharing her art and thoughts, she fosters a sense of solidarity. Harelly calls for an end to the violence and oppression faced by Palestinians.

In addition to her social media advocacy, Vianney launched a campaign to raise funds for Palestinian support by designing and distributing solidarity stickers.

Princess Nokia takes the boycott directly to Israel

Princess Nokia, a Latin Grammy award-winning artist, has actively shown her support for Palestine through public statements and actions. She used her Instagram platform to call for the liberation of Palestine. She also criticized the use of taxpayer dollars to fund wars.

Additionally, last March, she canceled her performance at the Israeli Kalamazoo Festival in Tel Aviv. She did so while showing her support for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. Her decision to cancel her performance, despite the festival’s attempts to change her mind, led to the cancellation of the entire event and the refund of all tickets.