The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the joy (or dread) of family gatherings. But fear not! We’ve got the ultimate survival guide for navigating those spirited soirées. 

Elevate your holiday experience with these festive cocktails that are bound to make every family gathering a toast-worthy affair. Yes, even if your toxic Tía decided to come.

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Let’s raise our glasses to merriment, laughter, and a splash of liquid courage!

Spicy Tamarindo Margarita

Spice up your holiday with a twist on the classic margarita. Blend tequila with tamarindo puree, lime juice, and a touch of agave syrup. Then, rim your glass with Tajin for an extra kick. This bold concoction is a flavorful fusion that perfectly complements lively conversations and festive vibes.


¡Siente la emoción con nuestra Spicy Tamarindo Margarita! Hecha con tequila blanco, jugo fresco de lima, chile de arbol y nuestro simple syrup casero, esta bebida es una explosión de sabores únicos y picantes. ¡Pruébala hoy y deja que te lleve en un viaje emocionante! ????️???? #spicytamarindomargarita #tequila #cocktails

♬ sonido original – Jungla Mexican Crypto Bar

Coquito Connoisseur

Another of our fav cocktails is the creamy and indulgent Coquito. This Puerto Rican eggnog, infused with coconut, condensed milk, and a hint of cinnamon, is the perfect companion for those heartwarming family moments. Customize the rum content to your liking, and let the holiday spirit flow.

Jalapeño Cranberry Mule

Give a fiery twist to the traditional Moscow Mule with a jalapeño cranberry infusion. Muddle cranberries and jalapeño slices, add vodka and ginger beer and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint. This zesty concoction is sure to spark conversations and add a kick to your holiday festivities.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Martini

Embrace the warmth of the season with a Mexican Hot Chocolate Martini. Combine chocolate liqueur, tequila, and a splash of cream in a shaker with ice. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Sip on this cozy cocktail as you cozy up with loved ones by the fireplace.


Day 13 of 25: Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate Martini ???? ⭑ Fill blender with ice ⭑ 2 oz cocoa cream liqueur (or baileys) ⭑ 1.5 oz vanilla vodka ⭑ 1 packet Abuelita’s Mexican Hot Cocoa Powder ⭑ Blend ⭑ Garnish w/ whipped cream and chocolate curls ⭑ Enjoy???????? #mixwithmak #25cocktailsofchristmas #christmas #christmascocktails #holidaydrinks #holidayparty #mexicanhotchocolate #hotcocoa #absolut #vanillavodka #hotcocoamartini #martini #cocktailparty #drinkideas #cocktail #holidaycocktails #cocktailrecipe #christmascookies #christmasrecipes #christmascocktailparty #fyp

♬ Feliz Navidad – José Feliciano

Guava Passion Sparkler

Add a tropical twist to your celebrations with a Guava Passion Sparkler. Mix guava juice, passion fruit puree, and champagne for a bubbly delight as effervescent as your personality. It’s a sweet escape that’ll have you dreaming of sandy beaches and swaying palm trees.

Café Con Leche Martini

Need to stay awake to make sure Abuela got home safe? Elevate your caffeine fix with a Café Con Leche Martini. Shake up espresso, vanilla vodka, and coffee liqueur for a sophisticated and energizing cocktail. Garnish with a coffee bean for that extra touch of elegance. It’s the perfect pick-me-up for those marathon family gatherings.


Cafe Con Leche Expresso Martini ???????????? . . . Ingredients: •Tito’s Vodka •Bailey’s Irish Cream •Mozart White Chocolate Liquor •Café Bustelo ( Homemade Expresso) •Nutmeg #fyp #dominicana #expressomartini #bartending #mixology #smallbusiness #latinasinbusiness

♬ Ojalá Que Llueva Café – Juan Luis Guerra

Pomegranate Paloma Punch

And if you’re tired of the indirectas, punch up the festivities with a vibrant Pomegranate Paloma. Mix pomegranate juice, grapefruit soda, tequila, and a squeeze of lime for a refreshing and visually stunning cocktail. Serve in a punch bowl with floating pomegranate arils for a festive touch that’ll have everyone clinking glasses.

Remember, Reinas, these cocktails are not just drinks; they’re liquid courage, conversation starters, and the secret sauce to surviving New Year’s. So, grab your shakers, raise your glasses, and let the holiday cheer flow. Here’s to a 2024 filled with love, laughter, and a splash of boldness! Salud!