A big part of motherhood is balancing all of your household’s daily and weekly needs. From planning dinner to taking the kids to school and doctor’s appointments to helping with homework and finding the time to fold piles of laundry —  it’s often up to us mothers to get the day off to a smooth start and set the tone for our family’s day. Whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, we’re usually the first to rise and the last to go to bed.

Unfortunately, it’s very easy for things to get messy in the mornings. And before you know it, the day you had perfectly planned out suddenly feels like a huge task to tackle. 

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Thankfully, Latina moms are creative problem solvers and have many tricks up their sleeves to get things in order. We looked to these mamás Latinas on Tiktok for their wisdom on conquering the morning and avoiding getting overwhelmed. 

No matter what season of motherhood you are in, if you have little ones or teens (or both!), these tips will help make your mornings as smooth as the coffee we need.

Begin the day by staying hydrated

This tip might seem a little obvious. Yet, this TikTok mamá makes sure to get water into her system before her much-needed cup of cafecito. While there are many benefits to drinking water first thing in the morning, such as better focus and even claims that it supports weight loss, it’s generally good practice to make it a habit of staying hydrated throughout the day. So why not start drinking water as soon as you hop out of bed? 

A few other tips @lucerobringas0 shares are that she goes to the gym early and listens to podcasts during her morning drive. She says it can be a great way to stay motivated. She also puts on makeup even when staying home because it helps her feel more put together. Then she settles down to a nice, easy breakfast with her kids and, of course, a steaming cup of coffee.


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Mornings are perfect for playtime

It doesn’t always have to be all work and no play, right? Especially when you have energetic little ones who love to be up early, it’s a good idea to start the day by making time for wholesome play and bonding. Latina mom @mjaayzee, starts her day on a positive note by dancing and laughing with her toddler in the living room. Then, she takes her to visit her mom. Though we don’t always have the luxury of living close to family to help care for our kids, it’s always good to reach out to our village whenever we need extra help. And mornings are no exception.

@mjaayzee also shows us that she makes time for journaling while her daughter enjoys some independent playtime. While it might be easier to do this when your children are still asleep and you can enjoy the silence, journaling in the morning is a great way to release stress and practice gratitude. Carving out this time to self-reflect will help you gain perspective and plan out small goals for yourself.

Find joy in your morning routine

Though you may not be a morning person, no doubt being an early riser helps you to be more productive. Now, it doesn’t mean you have to start your morning by diving straight into the chores. TikTok mom @glendycervantes shares how much she enjoys her morning routine. She says it “sets me up for the day and what gets me going,” and it’s something that “no one can take away from me.” Wow, perfectly said!

Her morning routine consists of a workout, meditation, and journaling. She also emphasizes that these are all things she does for herself. She encourages other moms to find something that helps to “set your soul” and “set you in the mood so you can really be able to serve others because there is no way you can pour from an empty cup.” Can this mom get an award already? 

As moms, we give and give and don’t always get our own needs met. So prioritizing a few moments in the morning for yourself and practicing self-care can really make a difference in how your day goes. You certainly have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. And this Latina mom articulated this beautifully.

Personally, I used to dread mornings and wanted to hit snooze over and over again. I’m now grateful whenever I see the sun rising. I take a few moments to sit by the window to really appreciate that it’s a new day and that my kids are safely asleep in their beds. 

I also make sure to start my day with positive affirmations while I do my makeup, and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my mood. Though the tips from these mamás Latinas are not complex, they are powerful and worth a try if you need an extra boost in the mornings. And don’t worry, we’ll eventually get done with that pile of laundry — after our cup of coffee!