Sometimes, celebrating Mother’s Day does not seem enough. After all, dedicating just one day a year to a woman who devotes her entire life to her children sounds a bit unfair. And a new survey found that, in fact, the experience of Latina moms is disheartening.

This year, Marias Gamesa, an iconic Mexican cookie brand, joined forces with the popular maternity podcast “Super Mamás.” This unique collaboration aimed to bring to light the results of a comprehensive survey conducted by Marias Gamesa. The survey revealed that many mothers, particularly Latina moms, are not fully utilizing their support networks, including their own mothers or mother figures.

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Latina moms and the absence of a support system

According to the new Marias Gamesa survey, which interviewed 503 Gen Z and Millennial Latina moms, most affirm the need for a regular support system to help navigate motherhood. However, they also confessed that they “don’t turn enough to their support people.”

In fact, 90% of Latina moms feel comfortable turning to their mother or mother figure for support. However, a surprising 70% describe feeling too overwhelmed and short on time to even call them.

On the other hand, 62% of Latina moms report feeling relieved after connecting with their own mothers after difficult parenting moments. However, 64% of Latina moms say they have support systems, and 20% do not use them and face difficult parenting moments alone.

In the face of judgment and hardship, these moms are even more resilient

One of the most common reasons Latina moms hesitate to seek support may be facing judgment. According to the Marias Gamesa survey, 83% of Latina moms report feeling judged for their parenting decisions, with meal choices being the common source of scrutiny. In fact, facing judgments about their parenting style and feeling guilty for prioritizing personal interests outside the family may be hindering their search for support.

However, the good news is that despite the obstacles Latina mothers face, 80% continue to find “creative ways to prioritize themselves.”

The survey findings underscore the resourcefulness of Latina mothers in finding time for themselves. Despite occasional feelings of guilt, 80% of Latina mothers manage to prioritize their personal interests. They do so by involving their children in their activities or taking advantage of their children’s nap times.

“The reality is, we don’t always have it together, and it can be difficult to ask for help,” said Paulina Lopez, co-founder and co-host of Super Mamás. However, if anyone knows how to weather the rough patches, it’s a Latina mom.