Once a self-described shopaholic, Jully-Alma Taveras was able to turn over a new leaf and become more responsible with her money.

She’s known online as the Investing Latina, sharing her personal journey with her YouTube followers and educating an audience of over 42 thousand people on Instagram. She takes it a step further through her unique program, The Investing Workshop. Through it, she has advised over 10 thousand people, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to improve their lives.

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“My idea started with a simple thought: ‘I am an investing Latina – are there other investing Latinas out there?’ reminisces Taveras. “And this question was what triggered the launch of my brand.” 

Continue reading to learn more about her workshop, how her Dominican culture has impacted her career, and what she would tell Latinas facing challenges in entrepreneurship.

A one-stop investing workshop

The best way for Taveras to teach women how to expand their investing knowledge is through her workshops. The Plutus Award winner curated it to be a straightforward introduction for beginners. 

Attendees will get an understanding of different investment strategies, study the stock market, and participate in a question-and-answer session. They also have the opportunity to learn about passing down wealth to their children and cryptocurrency.

“I’ve been super lucky to build a community of others that are investing, learning, and building generational wealth for their families,” said Taveras.

Taveras occasionally does live workshops, and attendees will also receive a recording with lifetime access. They are multiple parts, so viewers can return to key features and learn at their own pace.

Connecting with her community makes it worth it

Starting her brand meant Taveras had to figure out many things on her own. Learning how to do something like set up a website and create content is not a walk in the park if it’s the first time you’re doing it. The same goes for behind-the-scenes activities like personal branding and networking.

“It was hard, especially because I didn’t have a blueprint of exactly what I wanted to create,” said Taveras. “[I] had to sort of paint the picture and figure out my strategy along the way.”

Despite any momentary obstacles, creating something that benefits the Latinx community is worthwhile. “They are my people, and they have gone through many of the same struggles and have similar goals,” said Taveras.

Meeting other Latina jefas along the way is something she describes as “wonderful.” Taveras takes the time to meet them and learn from their journeys. 

“The most important thing has been to stay true to myself and not try to please everyone,” she said. “That allows me to stay focused and help those I can help with my products and services.”

Pointers for Latinas on their own business journeys

Her mantra is to “Keep investing!” And it’s fitting for what she does. To Taveras, it means to stay on your path and to stay strong. Her goal is to improve every day in order to find fulfillment in her journey. She reminds herself that success is not a destination.

To any Latinas who were once in her shoes and determined to start a business, Taveras has some recommendations. She says to try solving a problem you see; we often face challenges, so we should find better ways to solve them.

“Ultimately, to be in business, you have to be creative, and you have also to learn to pivot as needed,” Taveras adds. “Don’t let your fears keep you from trying and giving it your best shot!”