Making room for Latinas in the sports industry is essential for Elisa Hernandez, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ current pregame show host. The LA native has worked with some of her favorite teams as a host, reporter, producer, and editor throughout her blossoming career.

After graduating from USC with her degree in digital journalism and interning with the NFL Network, Hernandez returned to their digital media team. In 2016, she worked for Spectrum SportsNet as a digital host and editor-in-chief for Dodgers Nation and as the in-arena host for the Los Angeles Lakers. She has since created Spanish content for the NFL, hosting their sole Latino-focused Instagram community in the country, and launched her sports podcast “Sports-Ish.”

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The first-generation Salvadoran made it all happen because she is unapologetically herself. She understands that Latinas are hard to find in the sports world, and she welcomes newcomers to the community. 

“Representation is important, especially for younger girls, to see someone who resembles them doing big things,” Hernandez tells mitú in an interview. “I love wearing long nails and hoop earrings and will continue to wear both throughout my career. It’s not a gimmick; it’s truly who I am.”

Continue reading to learn how Hernandez successfully marketed herself, realized her worth as a professional, and what she feels is the best thing she gained in her career because of her culture.

Making a name for herself – and her brand

As a live sports host, Hernandez knows how to do it all. Her well-rounded career has helped her land opportunities to work with her dream clients. However, she realized how much her last name means and represents her brand, which is herself.

Her media and influencer personality company, Chato Media LLC — where she serves as CEO and manager — represents resilience, honesty, and loyalty, just like the last name Hernandez. “My father told me he gave me his last name, so I better not mess it up,” she said.

Using her name was incredibly important to Elisa Hernandez, especially in the sports industry. She read actor Kevin Hart’s memoir, and he mentioned that nothing holds stronger than your own name. Stage names, nicknames, and gimmicks could bring success, but Hernandez says people risk being locked into that persona forever.

She wants people to know when they see her name on her social media handles or at work that they’re getting exactly what they’re seeing.

“I don’t want to be put in a box or be only good at one thing. I know I have more to offer,” said Hernandez. “The name Elisa Hernandez holds value because there is only one me.”

Relying on strengths to get through tough times 

After spending most of her career creating for other brands, Hernandez realized she never made time for herself. She decided to make herself her priority at the beginning of this year. “On New Year’s Day, I said 2023 was me versus me. Only I can stand in my way,” she said.

Understanding her worth and communicating that to the world is her biggest obstacle. It’s coupled with stopping her doubts and anxiety from preventing her from starting something new or dictating her decisions.

“You have to advocate for yourself to show why you are the best person for the job,” said Hernandez.

In her entrepreneurial endeavors, she says it’s essential to lean on others to be a sounding board, especially when you are on your own. She thinks her network of fellow Latinx business owners is “priceless.”

“Entering this realm, you ask questions, learn from people, and build with those who are next to you,” said Hernandez.

How Latina businesswomen can build confidence

Although it took her a long time to start her business, Hernandez says it’s never too late for any Latinas who want to start theirs. Even if you don’t know where to start, she says not to be afraid to ask for help or advice from multiple people.

Doing all your research will make you feel confident in becoming a businesswoman. Hernandez maintains that if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. Being your own biggest fan, therefore no more working in silence, will help you grow as well.

“Start a business because it’s what you want to do, not because you feel you must,” said Hernandez. “Being passionate about your business and brand is a big part of becoming successful.”