Jacqueline Garcia grew up in the borderlands of her hyphenated identity, as many of us have. Born and raised in Tijuana until age 12, Garcia’s family then immigrated to the US.

However, it wasn’t the American dream she’d been promised. She admits, “As a teen, I struggled adjusting to a new culture, new language, new friends, new trends, you name it!”

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Thankfully, therapy helped. Garcia credits her therapist with helping her adapt to all the changes during this fragile time.

“[Those] transformative years made an impact in my life and led me to the path of becoming a therapist,” she told us. Garcia went on to get a master’s degree in social work, ultimately becoming a bilingual licensed clinical social worker.

She opened up to mitú about the hardships of breaking generational cycles, destigmatizing mental health, and creating a safe healing space for all.


Overcoming “black sheep” syndrome

Garcia was the pioneer of her family in many ways. Not only was she the first to get a college degree, but her non-traditional choices made her feel like the “black sheep” of the family. “It’s been a lifelong journey,” she confessed. And one that admittedly comes with its highs and lows.

“I moved out […] in my mid-20s, not married, no children, and currently single in my 30s,” she said. Traditionally speaking, many Latinx women are not expected to leave home until they’re married, but Garcia stands firmly by her choice.

She does want to be a wife and a mother one day, although there’s more healing to be done. “I have accepted that intergenerational cycles have impaired my romantic relationships,” she told us. One of the most important things is giving herself compassion and grace in paving the way for ending generational cycles.

“[It] doesn’t come easy,” she offered. And don’t we know it!

Striving to normalize therapy as self-care

Garcia’s main objective is to destigmatize mental health, particularly in the Latinx community. She tells mitú, “I am passionate about creating a safe therapeutic space to facilitate insight and understanding while laying the groundwork for healing and growth.”

For Garcia, creating a safe environment is integral to helping clients overcome their own personal challenges. She has over seven years of experience working with children, teens, adults, and families, but specializes in working with teens and adults.

Her clients typically struggle with depression, anxiety, and trauma, along with any other number of “adversities.” She believes that with “dedication and passion,” therapy can be a “powerful tool.” Garcia credits it to being able to significantly “improve quality of life.”

A mental health apparel brand that encourages healing

In November 2022, Garcia discovered a new passion: creating and designing. She launched “Sanando X Therapylux,” a Latina-owned mental health apparel brand. The newest drop features tees and crewneck sweaters that read, “Mueve tu cuerpo.” Endorphins in style, here we come!

The brand was created to encourage and support healing. Of her most recent endeavor, Garcia shares her vision. She says, “Our mission is to create a safe space to normalize therapy, inspire self-love, and break mental health stigma.”