For sisters Camila, Victoria, and Valentina Marmol, running their clean skin and body care brand is a family affair. 

They launched Vavica in June 2022, finally becoming coworkers after always dreaming of creating something together. They spent years working for several major skincare brands: Camila in account management and sales, Victoria in digital marketing, and Valentina in graphic design.

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The three of them individually struggled with body image growing up, and all felt discouraged by the idea of having to look and act a certain way where they worked. They identified a lack of inclusivity, relatability, and genuine connection with the Latinx community within the industry.

Valentina Marmol posing with Vavica's Único Body Lotion.
Image used with permission from Vavica.

“Vavica emerged to bridge this gap, becoming an inclusive body care brand that celebrates our Latin heritage while embracing and empowering people the way we do with each other,” said Victoria.

The Marmol sisters share more with FIERCE about starting Vavica and the importance of family and culture in their business.

Changing their narrative

The Marmol sisters’ parents are originally from Argentina and Guatemala, where they ran a small janitorial business. They immigrated to the United States, settling down and starting their family in Los Angeles. Camila, Victoria, and Valentina grew up seeing their parents work hard to provide for their family, but that came at the expense of suppressing their culture and language. 

The eldest sister even recalls her parents concealing their bodies. Then, they started to do the same.

“As sisters, the three of us look very different in terms of body type, skin tone, and overall appearance,” explains Victoria. “These differences affected the narratives we told ourselves.”

The embarrassment and exclusion they felt in the predominantly white area they lived in started to eat at them. This led to body image issues, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, they each started dealing with skin conditions like acne, hyperpigmentation, and eczema, but treating it became a positive development for them.

“Our shared passion for skincare and body care became a powerful means of empowerment, forging an unbreakable bond among us,” said Victoria.

They soon saw for themselves that everything happens for a reason

Camila, Victoria, and Valentina were motivated to start Vavica after realizing there wasn’t a space for them as individuals in the beauty industry. They left their jobs, and the Marmol sisters began working toward this goal during the pandemic. However, prolonged wait times for supplies made it difficult to get started.

“We adapted to the changing landscape and became resilient to introduce our brand to the market,” said Victoria. “The journey was longer than we initially anticipated, but it taught us the value of determination in the face of adversity.”

But as we often see with small businesses, every challenge happens for a reason. Since Vavica launched, they have been successful on social media, particularly with short-form content. With over 18 thousand followers and three viral videos between Instagram and TikTok, they’ve widened their audience.


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They achieved this feat as a young business by creating genuine connections, sharing their brand story, and talking about body positivity. They’ve also invited Latinx content creators to work with Vavica, and they’ve done so with more than 50 of them.

Their Latin culture is a deeply rooted part of their business

Their culture is the core of Vavica, making sure Latin American botanicals—like rosemary and rosehip oils—are highlighted in their products’ ingredients. They also embrace the Spanish language in their product names, like their Único body care collection

Vavica's Único body care collection displayed in front of a white background.
Image used with permission from Vavica.

Since the Marmol sisters knew from their parents what it’s like to run a family business, they really appreciate that their extended family supports them. They see it as an asset they can keep in their arsenal as Latina entrepreneurs.

“It’s not uncommon in our culture to work closely with family, and we feel blessed to have them to help us when we need it,” said Camila.

Even with their background in skincare, Victoria shares that the three of them found beauty and business podcasts and panels extremely valuable while building Vavica. They recommend taking those opportunities to learn and expand your knowledge to budding Latina entrepreneurs.

“As you navigate this journey, embrace the unknown because it allows you to grow as a person and as a brand,” added Victoria.