The clock is ticking! We’re only a few hours away from the holidays, and you still haven’t found the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Did someone slip from your mind when you were shopping, and now you’re freaking out? 

Stop scrambling to find a last-minute gift. FIERCE put together the ultimate list of ideas to shop (or grab from your nearest store if you’re so late that you can’t wait for shipping). 

For the comfort lovers

There’s not quite a universally loved item like the hoodie. If you’ve been struggling to find a gift that’s not overly personal — but will be actually used — then a hoodie is the way to go. It’s a casual staple and can also be worn as loungewear. Bulletproof. 

For the foodies

Do you need a last-minute gift for a food lover who is always trying a recipe they saw on TikTok? This social media viral pan will make the ideal gift. This almightly cookware adapts to all culinary needs, from steaming and boiling to baking and frying. 

For the coffee-obsessed

We all know someone who can’t live without coffee. The only gift option for them is a coffee maker, and before you point it out, no, it doesn’t matter if they already have one. This sleek and compact K-Express brewer is so easy to fit anywhere that they can take it anywhere, from their office to their rooms, so they always have a pick-me-up at hand’s reach.

For everybody

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and to match the spirit, an essential oil diffuser is a welcome gift for frankly anyone — from the decor junkie aunt to that cousin who is impossible to shop for. This Vitruvi set not only carries a decor-friendly diffuser (that can also be used as a lamp) but also includes a bundle of the brand’s most popular essential oils: energizing Grapefruit, calming Lavender, refreshing Spruce, and invigorating Eucalyptus. 

For the busy girls in your life 

A lot happens during this season. Christmas shopping, social gatherings, New Year preparations, you name it. If thinking about it makes you tired, imagine how tired the perpetually busy girlies in your life feel. Get them something that allows them to be comfortable at home (even if they keep working from home!) Options include loungewear sets — we’re obsessed with loungewear, don’t judge us! — comfy robes, and the classy-but-never-boring slippers. Bonus points if the slippers are fuzzy, cute, and totally photo-worthy. 

For that girl you only saw once

The holiday season can be a weird time; for one reason or another, you might need to get something for someone you barely know. Standard gifts can be tricky, so sometimes, it is best to play it safe. Get an affordable product from a well-known and well-loved brand like this body lotion set from eos.   

For the pet owner

Do you need to find a gift for someone with a pet? Look no further than a cute and practical food dispenser. It’ll make both owner and pet happy. 

For the fashionistas

If you have that one relative or friend with an impeccable wardrobe and are always up with the latest trends, then JW PEI is the answer to your prayers. Their bags have risen to mainstream popularity in recent years, making them a great addition to a stylish closet. And just in case you’re wondering, no, these bags are not only popular among teenage girls on TikTok. JW PEI is, in fact, an affordable celebrity-approved brand worn by the likes of queen Lupita Nyong’o. 

For the photographer of the group

In every group of people, there’s one person who always takes the pictures. Whether it be with a state-of-the-art camera or just a standard phone, they’re the official photographer. Gift them a special something — an instant camera — to help them enhance the photo-taking experience. It’ll be a win-win situation. They’ll thank you, and the group will get the cutest photos. 

Alternatively, the camera also makes an excellent gift for those who are not the group’s photographer but are into crafts and collecting memories. 

For the men you never know what to get 

While shopping for men is sometimes complicated, things get drastically easier when you remember that gifts don’t always need to be pompous. What’s important is that they serve a purpose. This classic Dickie’s jacket is a menswear staple: classic, functional, and versatile enough to adapt to anyone’s wardrobe. 

For the home-loving

If you’re shopping last minute for someone in their señora era who enjoys shopping for new home decor, supplies, and anything that enhances their living space, then go for a quality item like a set of bedsheets, pillows, or even a set of towels.