Motherhood looks different these days. Gone are the days of solely relying on print newspapers, magazines, and the advice of your neighbors to help you through motherhood. Now, with the help of our trusty smartphones and computers, Latina moms have access to a wealth of valuable and indispensable knowledge.

Moms can now benefit from various parenting tools and apps to help them manage their complex parental responsibilities. This can be an innovative, efficient, and fun way to interact with your children that will stimulate their growth. 

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Here are some must-have online resources and apps you should download to your phone and add to your favorites tab on your computer. 


Early childhood is one of the most essential parts of our children’s lives. It provides them with the foundation for learning and their social development. Founded by Latino Luis Garza, Kinedu is a crowd favorite in Latin America and beyond. Kinedu is excellent for early childhood development. It provides daily activities that foster learning in children and tracks milestones for babies and toddlers. 

It is available in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. You can even find classes about breastfeeding, baby sign language, and newborn care, all using evidence-based research.


The large, green Duoling owl you see all over TikTok does more than attend the most extravagant events and make us laugh. Duolingo is an excellent app for Latina moms and their children, as it offers short lessons in which individuals can practice basic vocabulary terms and play interactive games in various languages. Try playing with this app for 20 minutes a day and watch your kids become pros in Spanish in no time. 

Baby Radio 

We have seen time and time again the importance of exposing children to language during their formative years. This is especially true for those Latina moms who want their children to be bilingual and learn English and Spanish. 

Baby Radio is a children’s Spanish radio app filled with music, podcasts, children’s stories, videos, and so much more. Their content is available 24 hours a day, so moms can easily access it whenever they need to keep their kids entertained. 

Cozi Family Organizer

While you may feel inclined to keep track of everything by writing hanging notes and flyers on your refrigerator door, moms should opt for something they can easily access throughout the day. 

Enter Cozi Family Organizer. This app keeps everyone’s schedules organized, so you’ll never forget another school event, recital, or appointment ever again. You can also keep track of your endless amount of lists, plan meals, and even find recipes. This app is particularly helpful for those busy moms who have been struggling to keep things organized. 

Colorín Colorado

Colorín Colorado is a website specially devised for teachers and parents of English Language Learners (ELLs). This is a great tool for those moms who want to establish a strong foundation in both English and Spanish for their children. They are constantly updating their website’s content with articles, book recommendations, worksheets, videos, and even tools for college readiness. 

Colorín Colorado is a wonderful resource for those Latino families that want to pave the way for their child’s success, so make sure you add this site to your bookmarks tab.