One of our favorite summer activities is devouring a book while tanning or taking a well-deserved break in a hammock. After all, work and responsibilities leave us little time to catch up on our reading during the rest of the year.

But if you want to enjoy reading a book written by someone who looks just like you, this list of books written by Latinas is all you need.

From books to enjoy with your kids to gardening tips, this is our ultimate summer reading list.

“Daughter of Fire: A Novel” by Sofia Robleda

Catalina de Cerrato’s quest to preserve her people’s sacred history takes her on a dangerous journey through 16th-century Guatemala. In Daughter of Fire, Sofia Robleda weaves a mystical tale of courage and heritage. Guided by her late mother’s spirit, Catalina must navigate her Spanish and Maya roots to safeguard the forbidden stories of the Popol Vuh and honor her ancestors.

“The Quince Project: A Novel” by Jessica Parra

Castillo Torres faces the challenge of a lifetime with a quinceañera that’s more than it seems. In The Quince Project, Cas’s journey to pull off the perfect party while navigating unexpected feelings and a series of mishaps is both hilarious and heartwarming. Will she find a balance between her meticulously planned life and the spontaneity of true happiness?

“The Curse of the Flores Women: A Novel” by Angélica Lopes

In The Curse of the Flores Women, Alice Ribeiro uncovers her family’s hidden history. As she fights against female oppression in Brazil, Alice pieces together the story of her ancestors, shunned for a “curse” that rendered them unlucky in love. This haunting novel reveals the resilience and strength passed down through generations, celebrating the enduring bonds of womanhood.

“Legitimate Kid” by Aida Rodriguez

Aida Rodriguez’s memoir, Legitimate Kid, is a testament to resilience and humor in the face of hardship. From a tumultuous childhood to homelessness and beyond, Rodriguez transforms her struggles into biting comedy. Her journey, captured in heartfelt essays, highlights the power of laughter and perseverance, making this memoir both endearing and inspiring.

“The Waves Take You Home: A Novel” by María Alejandra Barrios Vélez

In The Waves Take You Home, Violeta Sanoguera returns to Colombia after her grandmother’s death, only to find herself inheriting the family restaurant. Accompanied by her grandmother’s spirit, Violeta rediscovers her roots and the love she left behind. This touching story is about facing the past to find your true path and destiny.

“The Little Book of Abuelita Wisdom” by Raven Ishak

Ever heard “Ponte un suéter que tendrás frio” from your abuelita? This sweet and cheeky guide, peppered with Spanish throughout, captures all that abuelita wisdom we cherish. Packed with tips on everything from cleaning and cooking to self-love, it’s like having your abuelita right by your side. This summer read is a nostalgic trip to simpler times and essential advice for every day.

“Gloriana, Presente” by Alyssa Reynoso-Morris

It’s never too soon to teach our kids about the pleasure behind summer reads. Alyssa Reynoso-Morris is a good place to start. Gloriana’s first day of school is filled with jitters, but Abuela’s stories of la República Dominicana help soothe her nerves. In this radiant picture book, Gloriana navigates her new world, balancing her Dominican heritage with her new surroundings. With Abuela’s gentle guidance, she finds her confidence and learns to embrace both of her homes.

“Barrio Rising” by María Dolores Águila

On that same note, Barrio Rising is a beautiful way to teach your kids about San Diego’s Chicano Park. This historical fiction novel vividly recounts the community activism that led to the creation of the largest outdoor mural collection in the U.S. Follow a young activist and her neighbors as they take a stand against city authorities, turning a broken promise into a colorful symbol of Chicano resilience and pride.

“Mamá’s Panza” by Isabel Quintero

In Mamá’s Panza, a young boy celebrates his love for his mother’s belly, recognizing it as a place of comfort and warmth. This body-positive picture book by Isabel Quintero, with vivid illustrations by Iliana Galvez, is a heartwarming tribute to motherhood and the beautiful diversity of our bodies. It’s a gentle reminder that every panza, big or small, is special.

“¡Verdura! – Living a Garden Life: 30 Projects to Nurture Your Passion for Plants and Find Your Bliss” by Perla Sofía Curbelo-Santiago

Finally, ¡Verdura! – Living a Garden Life by Perla Sofía Curbelo-Santiago is your go-to guide for adding greenery to your life. With 30 simple, budget-friendly gardening projects, this book is perfect for both beginners and seasoned gardeners. It’s all about turning a passion for plants into a healthy, joyful lifestyle, whether you have a big garden or a small urban space.