Celebrating Mothers once a year is not enough. However, if we are going to do so, we must include all versions of motherhood — including humoms. Those women find love in a furry four-legged individual who steals their hearts from day one and makes them discover another way to be a mother.

At FIERCE, we want to celebrate all the humoms out there with the gifts we know we not only need but have saved on this particular list for when the vet bills let us indulge.

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For the best dog moms

Let’s start at the beginning. Even though we’ve read all the books and blogs, and even though our entire social media feed is about tips for being the best dog mom in the world, we fear we’ve gotten something wrong every day. 

Is this the way to correct his behavior? Could he really eat that? Is this the best bed for his back? In short, dog moms doubt daily that we are doing our job right. What better gift than one that says we are, in fact, the best dog mom in the world?

Lavender Scented Soy Wax Candle from Got You A Little Something – $17.99

Best Dog Mom Ever T-Shirt from Crazy Dog – $18.99

UAREHIBY’s Dog Mom Kit – $19.99

For those who want to see their furry children all the time

Another gift that every dog mom has always wanted has been a necklace or some kind of pet memorial that reminds us of our furry children. Have you ever thought of a dog suncatcher to immortalize the one who stole your heart forever? Neither have we!

Anavia Personalized Pet Portrait Necklace$19.99

Green Pollywog’s double photo frame – $29.99

GIFTBYGIFTY Dog Memorial Suncatcher – $14.99

For those of us who always have to explain the rules in our life with dogs

How often have we told our guests that the house also belongs to our dogs? Or that our schedules depend on who is anxiously waiting for us at home? These ideas definitely save us a lot of work.

Primitives by Kathy Rustic Wooden Decor Sign – $7.92

MAINEVENT I Work Hard So My Dog Can Have A Better Life Mug – $12.95

Primitives by Kathy Decorative Kitchen Towel – $10.35

Throw Blanket$26.99

TNUW Dog Kitchen Towels – $13.99

C & M Personal Gifts The Dog is Home Stemless Wine Glass$16.19

For those who wear their dog’s hair proudly

Now, let’s be honest. Cleaning our dogs’ hair from all over the house is a daily battle. To the point that if we decide to leave the house in a black sweater, we know we’ll be carrying some of it with us wherever we go. But perhaps these products can make life a little easier.

Chom Chom Roller – $27.99

For the traveling dog mom

Did you think the diaper bag is just a human-mom thing? Then you’ve never traveled with your dog on the road. This doggy bag definitely changed our lives.

Abrimelodi 6 Set Dog Travel Bag$29.99

And finally, there’s no better gift for a humom than a gift for her furry one

After all, there’s no better way to make a dog mom happy than to make happy the one who accompanies her every day and teaches her the true meaning of love.

Pet Qwerks Incredibubbles Interactive Pet Toys’ Long Lasting Edible Bubbles$3.99

Nerf Dog Compact Tennis Ball Blaster Gift Set$24.00

Zeaxuie 9 Pack Luxury Puppy Toys for Teething Small Dogs – $9.99