Hey, fabulous multitasker! The New Year is almost here, and guess what? We’ve got the scoop on how to sprinkle some magic on your home office before the holiday craziness takes over. If you’re part of the WFH gang (and who isn’t these days?), you’re in for a treat.

Your work nook deserves a glow-up, especially if you spend more time in your chair than you’d like to admit. 

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So, we’ve scoured Amazon for some absolute must-haves to jazz up your WFH haven. 

Because why not treat yourself? And with Amazon Prime’s speedy delivery (free two-day delivery and free same-day delivery in select zip codes), you might have a festive surprise at your door sooner than you think — Santa’s tech-savvy this year!

Wall decals… but make it floral

Used with permission from Amazon

Spruce up your workspace with these gorgeous wall decals. They’re not just pretty; they’re instant mood boosters. Perfect for creating a vibe or dividing your space, especially if your office spills into your living room and kitchen (we feel you, apartment dwellers).

A desk pad that looks great and helps you work efficiently

Used with permission from Amazon

Say goodbye to bland desks! Deck yours out with a desk pad that not only ties everything together color-wise but also feels like a cozy hug for your keyboard and mouse during those marathon work sessions.

A vase for blooming ideas

Used with permission from Amazon

Who says you can’t have nature in your office without it taking over? This floral holder is the answer. Pick your favorite blooms of the season, and voila — instant freshness without the fuss.

The latest and greatest, Echo Show 8

Used with permission from Amazon

Meet your new BFF — the Echo Show 8. It’s not just for work; it’s your go-to for recipes, a daily dose of wisdom, news updates, and even a mini entertainment hub. A FIERCE favorite is the word of the day feature. Yas, Alexa, make us smarter! Not to mention, you can watch Prime Video shows and listen to your favorite playlists on Amazon Music, all courtesy of the Prime Membership. Alexa, play Bad Bunny.

Latina-owned terrarium kit

Used with permission from Amazon

Let’s talk about bringing the outside in. This terrarium kit is not only a burst of color but also proudly Latina-owned. Nature vibes with a personal touch? Yes, please!

Get organized, queens

If cable chaos drives you wild (we get it!), this cable organizer is your knight in shining armor. Say hello to a workspace that’s as neat as it is chic.

The Skylight Calendar that keeps all your meetings in one place

Used with permission from Amazon

Calling all jefas! The Skylight calendar is your secret weapon for keeping life on track. Sync it, list it, and conquer your schedule — all while keeping things effortlessly stylish. Plus, the app lets you update your to-do lists on the fly and directly from your phone!

Visual jefas need a corkboard

Used with permission from Amazon

Let your workspace reflect your personality with a sleek black corkboard. Pin up your favorite quotes, dreamy editorials, or sweet notes from friends. It’s like a vision board for your daily grind.

Ready to step into the New Year with a workspace that’s as fabulous as you are? Treat yourself to these Amazon gems and transform your WFH game.

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