Playing with muñecas is a rite of passage for a child. Dressing them up, brushing their hair, making them kiss their perfectly plastic boyfriends — all in great fun!

However, for Latinas, options have historically been limited to blonde, blue-eyed Barbies with fair skin.

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We still loved them, as they represented the American dream for many. But truthfully, there haven’t been many dolls that remind us of our mothers’ tan skin, our favorite tia with the beautiful jet black curly hair, or our sister’s big brown eyes like two pools of chocolate. Now, that’s all about to change.

Established in 2020, Purpose Toys is now the country’s biggest culturally inspired toy company. Recently, they’ve announced the launch of their newest line: Latinistas. These dolls will be part of Purpose Toy’s LATIN division and illustrate the “beauty” and “diversity” of the entire Latino community. Al fin!

Latinistias will feature a wide range of skin tones, hair textures, and more

In recent years, films like “Encanto” have been praised for depicting the rainbow of nuance that exists in the Latino community. Latinistas are on a similar mission. From eye to hair colors and textures, facial features, heritage and nationality — the Latinistas truly are a “celebración de la Cultura Latina.”

The lineup of dolls, called “Las Amigas,” comprises Lola, Liv, Julianna, and Dani, each with better hair and a sense of style than the last. Lola sports a hot pink crop top and skirt set with matching pink hoops and a slicked-back ponytail.

She also has a scrunchy around her wrist, because claro, that impossibly voluminous head of hair needs all the support it can get! However, the other amigas have nothing to be envious of, as each is gorgeous and unique. This is the representation none of us would argue with.

They are the world’s first all-Latina line of fashion dolls

Latinistas will be available at Walmart, Target and Amazon in August 2023. They are the first toys of their kind to be sold at major retailers. They also offer an element of cultural authenticity in the toy market, which feels like exactly what it’s been missing.

The launch will be led by the head of Purpose Toys LATIN, Jovanna Rosado. She released a statement sharing her excitement for the project.

“I am beyond honored to be part of this historic moment for our community,” she said. “Our goal […] is to unite, empower and celebrate our community through play.”

This isn’t Purpose Toy’s first rodeo with inclusivity

The company’s first launch back in 2020 was its “Naturalistas” line, breaking the mold as the world’s first line of all-black dolls with natural hair. They also nodded to historically black institutions with their “HBCyoU Dolls” line. We love to see it!

In the comment section of Latinistas’ first post, one user wrote, “If [you] make a Cuban doll [I’m gonna] be the happiest person on earth.” Others simply expressed their excitement, writing, “Can’t wait!!” And this is exactly the energy we can definitely get behind.