While you may have heard of the Elon Musk-run electric vehicle company Tesla, there’s a new electric car brand that’s making waves all around the world.

Currently producing two different models, Mexican-owned Zacua isn’t just well-known for making incredible cars — it is the first car to be assembled by a 100% female team, all out of a factory in Puebla.

As reported by Now This Earth, Zacua is helmed by female entrepreneur Nazareth Black, who employs a team of women mechanics in the Puebla factory.

Hoping to “defy gender norms” in the car industry, Black has also spoken out about how male-dominated the car industry is. In a press conference, she explained the car industry “was built in a certain way. Firstly, it was built around the combustion engine, secondly, it was built around the male gender.”

Now, Zacua is turning both of those ideas on their head.

Black says, “[women] have the right to be a part of the automotive sector… that is why we decided to open these spaces.” Calling itself Mexico’s first electric car brand, each Zacua vehicle is handmade by women in Puebla.

Interested? The car battery takes 8 hours to fully charge, gives you 100 miles per charge, and the vehicles can run up to 53 miles per hour. You can choose between two models that were just introduced February 2022 — the MX2 and MX3 — each starting at $599,900 MXN.

Of course, Zacua is all about female empowerment: the all-women team works tirelessly every day in the engineering center.

But the car brand also has the environment on its mind — it aims to bring its environmentally-friendly cars to Mexico to reduce pollution and will also open 150 charging stations in Mexico City. Plus, with gas prices at an all-time high, the unveiling of Zacua’s cars couldn’t have come at a better