Somehow, in the midst of the craziness that has transpired over the last two years, tidiness, cleanliness, and organization have become… cool.

This successful rebrand may be due to a combination of factors, namely the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced us all to take inventory of our often cluttered lives. However, none of this is new for the ladies behind Mumi Design, an organizational tool brand that was launched in 2014.

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Gabriela Mekler and Maribel Moreno are two Latina moms and best friends who built a business out of their love of all things tidy. They began with travel gear, such as packing cubes and toiletry bags for the woman on the go. They have since expanded to include home and baby collections for those of us who want to stay put and organized. Whether you need divider cubes for the closet, shoe bags, or adorable reusable zip-up bags to keep all your toddler’s trinkets in one place, Mekler and Moreno can help. 

They can also help if you’re one of the many brides who decide to have a destination wedding, an option that rises to peak popularity during the balmy summer months. Who doesn’t want to get married in Cancun beneath an arch of peonies and pampas grass, the sea breeze deliciously seasoning the air, a prickly pear margarita waiting for you at cocktail hour?

Of course, traveling to a tropical destination can pose a number of challenges — particularly regarding packing. Your perfect one-of-a-kind custom-made wedding dress and floor-length Spanish lace veil can’t just be stuffed into a suitcase, now, can they? Here are five tips from Mekler herself, who certainly knows a thing or two about packing a thing or two. 

Courtesy of Mumi Design

Use packing cubes to organize your clothes by categories

You can group them by bathing suits, shorts, dresses, honeymoon lingerie — you know, all the essentials. You can also pack each daily outfit separately to make sure you have everything you need for each day. This sounds super helpful for those of us who pack like we’re doing six outfit changes a day. Me. I am those of us.

Use toiletry cubes to bring along anything you will use to get ready

Make-up, toiletries, first aid, etc. Use travel size items or fill travel size bottles with your must have products. Not only do these cubes come in tons of cute colors, but they slip into your luggage with ease and serve as a one stop shop for all of your essential liquids — foundation, hairspray and sunscreen, which you should definitely wear.

Use a garment folder to help pack those delicate outfits that you need to keep wrinkle-free

And bring along a travel-size steamer in case they do. This is perfect for a wedding dress and all other wedding-related attire. And don’t forget about your groom — he needs a wrinkle-free safe space too. Marriage, after all, is about compromise.

Choose shoes that can be used with multiple outfits so they don’t take up too much space in your bag

Make sure to place your shoes in shoe bags to protect your clothes from whatever dirt or grit your shoes may have tracked. I am very familiar with the temptation to pack a different pair of shoes for every outfit, but that is no longer the vibe. Over-packing is out, and smart minimalist packing is in.

Chose a bag like an organizing clutch that can help you organize your travel documents at all times

As someone who has misplaced many boarding passes, a clutch strictly designated to carry important documents feels like a no-brainer, especially when dealing with the stress of getting ready for a wedding. If it feels like the ladies at Mumi Design have thought of everything, it’s because they have. Now, go get married somewhere magical. The margaritas await.