If you’re getting ready for your next adventure, look no further than these Latina travel experts who will make you dream big and inspire you to explore the world.

These bloggers not only bring excitement to the travel industry, but they’ll make sure your next trip is full of fun and thrills.

Get ready to be amazed by their wisdom on travel and life. We’re breaking down nine Latina travel influencers you should follow on social media right now.

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1. Desireé

With a fresh personality and charm, this Afro-Latina from Panama will take you to magical places in her country and worldwide. Her account @dez_a_la_mocha_ supports Black culture and offers a safe space to celebrate the community. She also has all the fresh deets on everything from where to eat, stay and travel safely.

2. Gerry Isabelle 

This cool Dominican chica living in New York City is an excellent choice if you want to explore spots both in the United States and around Latin America. With her bold and fun personality, she’ll guide you on her page @DominicanBroad to the hottest places that connect Latinos with their heritage.

3. Olivia Christine 

Informative and vibrant is how we can define this profile. This Afro-Latina from the South Bronx focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle while globetrotting.

Despite living with Lupus, she refuses to let her health condition define her or get in the way of living to the fullest. On her Instagram, @ochristine shares valuable tips for safe travel and an overall magical experience.

4. Jen Ruiz

This lawyer left her office life to pursue her passion: writing and traveling. With multiple bestsellers under her belt, @jenonajetplane is a Boricua influencer who is a must for those seeking to break free from routine and infuse their lives with more excitement and fun.

5. Liz

If you love being in contact with nature, hiking and watching beautiful sunsets, the profile @dunytravels is ideal for you.

Besides the traditional agenda, she shares incredible photos and videos with beautiful views from the 22 countries she has visited.

6. Jeanine Romo

Romo’s content is worth checking out if you want to step out of your comfort zone and try extreme activities such as rail biking, jet skiing, or parasailing. Her account, @lewildexplorer, has the best tips for doing extreme sports safely while having the time of your life.

7. Ivonne

This Mexican blogger will show you on @latinachictravels how to travel smartly and make the most of your journeys. Her content displays the most iconic places and necessary products you should never leave out of your bag.

8. Ashley Toscano

If you prefer to travel alone, the tips of this Mexican blogger based in New York will be beneficial. Her unique perspective will help you learn about luxury, budget, or Eco-friendly travel. Follow her @thevirtualpassport.

9. Tessa Juliette

This expert documents her epic voyage with fascinating stories, helpful how-to guides, hotel reviews and all the travel advice she wishes she had received earlier. Become her amiga @travel_wheretone