New Year, same you—but with a fierce twist! As we dive into another year, it’s time to adopt resolutions that resonate with our hearts. 

We are all tired of trying to accommodate our schedules and oversleeping. We’re tired of trying the fad diet or the gym that promises implausible abs. It’s definitely time to embrace true resolutions that align with our personality and this unexpected bumpy road they call adulthood.

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After all, who said resolutions are a one-size-fits-all model?

So get your Pinterest board ready and unfollow those toxic Instagram accounts. Let’s redefine resolutions this year, making sure to keep the ones that are worth it and break up with the rest.

Embrace Self-Care Like It’s a Daily Ritual

Forget the clichés about hitting the gym every day or going on a kale-only diet. Instead, focus on self-care practices that make your soul dance. Whether it’s indulging in a cozy night in with your favorite telenovela, rocking a bold lipstick just because, or treating yourself to a cafecito at your favorite spot, prioritize self-love in 2024.

Unleash Your Inner Chingona at Work:

Millennial Latinas, it’s time to dominate the workplace with the self-confidence that only we know how to carry.

Channel your inner chingona and speak up, take charge, and embrace challenges. Set career goals that elevate you — whether it’s mastering a new skill, asking for that well-deserved raise, or starting that passion project you’ve been dreaming about.

Connect with Your Roots—Literally and Figuratively

Cultivate a deeper connection with your cultural identity. Learn a traditional recipe from your abuela, master the art of salsa dancing, or dive into a good book by a Latina author. Connecting with your roots isn’t just about heritage; it’s about celebrating the vibrant mosaic of your identity.

Break Up with Toxic Positivity

Good vibes only? Give me a f*cking break. Embrace your full range of emotions and let go of toxic positivity. 

If 2023 taught us anything, it’s that life is messy, and that’s okay. Give yourself permission to feel all the feels, and surround yourself with friends who appreciate the raw, authentic you.

Travel — Even If It’s Just in Your Kitchen

While jet-setting around the world might not always be feasible, let your taste buds embark on a culinary journey. Explore diverse Latin American cuisines, experiment with new recipes, and host virtual dinners with friends to share your culinary masterpieces. Because sometimes, the best adventures happen in your own kitchen.

Financial Savvy with a Latina Twist

Forget the generic financial goals. Let’s talk dinero with a Latina twist! Set goals like creating a budget that allows for spontaneous outings or investing in a statement wardrobe piece that makes you feel like the fierce reina you are. Financial empowerment can be both practical and fabulous!

Say Adiós to Comparison Culture

My dear Queens, you’re incomparable, and it’s time to own it. Break free from the comparison trap on social media and embrace your unique journey. Celebrate the successes of your amigas without feeling the need to measure up. Your journey is valid, and your story is worth telling.