Spring is a time for renewal, and what better way to refresh your body than with a gentle detox?  

Detoxification helps your body eliminate built-up toxins and impurities, leaving you feeling energized and lighter. This season, these Latino brands are helping us incorporate detox hacks into our routine to ensure optimum endurance, performance, and health. 

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From hydration to a full liver detox, here are some of our favorite spring detox hacks and products.

Give your liver some love with Tadin’s Organic Dandy Detox tea

Our liver is a powerhouse organ responsible for filtering toxins. Supporting its health is crucial for overall detoxification. Tadin’s Organic Dandy Detox is a delicious herbal tea specifically formulated for liver health. 

This dandelion tea blend contains traditionally used herbs like milk thistle seed and dandelion root to promote healthy liver function. Uplifting lemongrass and peppermint add a refreshing twist, making this a delightful way to support your detox journey.*

Add some fiber to your diet with an enriching flax seed blend

Fiber is a key player in digestion and elimination. Adding a daily dose of fiber to your diet can help keep your digestive system moving smoothly and support your body’s natural detoxification process. NOPALINA Flax Seed is a convenient and easy way to incorporate more fiber into your diet. Psyllium, flax seed, pineapple, and nopal round out this beneficial mix. Put it in your smoothies, oatmeal, or granola to boost their power.

Eliminate excess toxins with Soul Mate

Promote a healthy metabolism and support your body’s natural elimination process with Soul Maté’s Organic Yerba Mate tea blend. Yerba mate works to encourage balanced energy and strengthen your mind and body. Refreshing and diverse flavors help curb cravings and promote healthy eating habits.

Spice up your detox with turmeric 

Turmeric adds a vibrant touch to both dishes and detox routines. Enjoy its aromatic flavor as a tea, or incorporate it into your lattes alongside other beneficial spices like black pepper and ginger root. Anima Mundi botanicals Golden Moon Milk promotes anti-inflammatory properties and is designed to support the body and mind.

Soak up and release toxins with Casa Luna’s salts

Draw up a bath and soak in a blend of Epsom salt, sea salt, activated charcoal, black lava Hawaiian seas alt, and essential oils to release unwanted toxins. 

Hydrate using Tadin’s Organic Moringa Cleanse

Water is essential for flushing toxins from your body. Sometimes, though, water retention can leave you feeling sluggish. This is where Tadin’s Organic Moringa Cleanse comes in. Moringa leaf, a superfood celebrated for its nutritional value, is the star ingredient in this tea blend. Combined with mineral-rich nettle leaf, and hibiscus for a fruity touch and a touch of spice, this tea is both delicious and effective.*

Add fun flare to your detox

The vibrant Mangosteen hibiscus beauty tonic isn’t just beautiful. It’s also packed with potential health benefits! Hibiscus tea from dried petals may be a key player in your spring detox. Studies suggest it can aid weight management, fight the growth of harmful bacteria and even cancer cells, and contribute to a healthy heart and liver. Additionally, raw and certified organic Mangosteen powder has a ton of Vitamin C, which helps collagen synthesis.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.