LGBTQ+ Latines are making waves in every industry. Just look at Charly Stoever, a non-binary Latine money coach, speaker, and podcast host. Charly has helped hundreds of LGBTQ+/BIPOC people twerk their way to early retirement.

Charly has traveled solo to 34 countries as a former undocumented Mexican-American and stockbroker. But it is perhaps their personal journey that has inspired us the most.

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FIERCE spoke with Charly about their experience, the importance of chosen family support in the LGBTQ+ community, and how financial independence is crucial for marginalized groups.

Charly Stoever’s story is one of resilience

Charly Stoever grew up in rural eastern Washington state. They got their green card and social security number at the age of 14. That’s when they got their first job at McDonald’s drive-through. Charly went to Wellesley College with a huge financial aid package, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

“Even though I’m estranged from my family, trans, on the spectrum, and chronically ill, I’ve realized how lucky I was to have people who supported me,” Charly told FIERCE. “I’ve also realized how important economic independence is, especially when you don’t have any family support as a trans person.”

During their 20s, Charly was on and off food stamps and Medicaid. They did educational work through Americorps, Peace Corps, and tour guides. It was then that they decided to work as a stockbroker.

Image used with permission from Charly Stoever.

Stepping foot in the financial world

Thanks to their dedication, talent, and resilience, Charly has learned the ins and outs of the financial world. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, they bought stocks in their retirement account at a discount. “I’ve learned to take advantage of economic bumps and felt the need to share this empowerment with my community,” they said. “Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a supportive family or inherited generational wealth or the knowledge of how to manage it.”

And Charly does it with style. This coach breaks the mold of the stereotypical Wall Street guy while challenging gender and industry norms. “I twerk upside down on ATMs on my social media,” they said. I wear shorts and crop tops, and I swear on my podcast. I’m just plain ME, and that magnetizes my people.”

On the right track to eliminate the wealth gap

Across their platforms and in their 1:1 consulting, Charly Stoever is on a clear mission: to eliminate the wealth gap. They do this by constantly dropping free gems of wealth-building knowledge, from investing for retirement to raising credit scores.

“I do this on my social media, podcast, and 500-subscriber mailing list,” Charly explains, “I’m passionate about giving as much free information to my people as possible. If they want help putting the information into practice, I’m happy to help them with 1:1 coaching. Even if it’s private coaching, my clients learn a lot about finances and share this knowledge with their chosen bio or family, creating a ripple effect of financial empowerment.”

One of the strategies Charly uses is to vulnerabilize the wealth discourse. “My coaching is often the first safe container in which my clients feel safe talking objectively and intentionally about money, as opposed to talking about money from a place of urgency or in conflict, as many of us grew up,” they explained. “I help my clients realize that they are not bad people for accumulating wealth. Accumulating wealth is a problem. Creating wealth is not. To take care of others, you have to take care of yourself.”

Image used with permission from Charly Stoever.

The importance of financial empowerment for Latines in the LGBTQ+ community

For Charly, sharing their story is crucial. For the financial coach, stories must be put on the front pages. “I’m done with the idea that we’re good people ‘behind the scenes.’ We’re not. The more we speak up and share our truths, the more we empower others,” they said.

His work is empowering and financial. Charly proudly shares their journey to healing, their work on their own mental health, and their experience with eczema and inflammation. “I love growing as a person and sharing my journey with my audience so they can see that growth and healing is a constant process that is worthwhile, despite the ups and downs,” they say.

And their experience is inspiring for others

Charly stresses that LGBTQ+ individuals must elevate their game with financial education and empowerment. “Please, for the love of God, surround yourself with people who WANT you to succeed and WANT you to build wealth,” they said. “There is a huge crab mentality in a bucket of people that will take you down with them if you’re not careful.”

“The people you surround yourself with and the social media you consume will have a direct impact on how much you normalize wealth building for yourself.”

Charly prides himself on having helped clients overcome addictions and invest money instead in their retirement. They have helped them decide to move in with their partners and have intentional conversations about money with them.

As a coach, Charly has helped people of all ages start saving and take concrete action on money.

And this they do with pride. “I am unapologetically myself,” they said, adding that they celebrate PRIDE “all year long by amplifying queer voices in my podcast interviews and just being fabulous myself: someone who consistently shows up to help LGBT/BIPOC people build wealth so they can achieve financial independence and have the autonomy they seek.”