Our careers are one of the most important things we do daily. Per The Forage, an average full-time 40-hour employee in the United States will work about 2,080 hours yearly. With so much time allocated to work, folks must be strategic about where they work. That is why LATINA Style Inc. publishes its LATINA Style 50 Report. It wants to give women the information they need to succeed in their careers.

Anna Maria Arias created LATINA Style Magazine to highlight “the growing importance of hiring professional Latinas.” Arias understood Latinas needed career help. She created a survey and sent it to top companies with support from government agencies and national Latino organizations. Since then, the LATINA Style 50 Report has pumped out list after list, helping Latinas navigate their careers.

The LATINA Style 50 Report documents all of the initiatives companies have to help Latinas advance in their careers

Per LATINA Style Inc., they thoroughly review all the employment components Latinas find essential when looking for a job. The company reviews over 800 companies within the U.S.

The report reviews the number of Latina executives, retention rates, continued learning opportunities, benefits, job training, and affinity groups.

In a statement, the president and CEO of LATINA Style, Inc., Robert E. Bard, said it took “great effort” to create this comprehensive survey and list.

Bard begins, “Great efforts are taken to ensure that Latinas can find the best places where to advance their careers.”

He continued, “JPMorgan Chase & Co. received the top rank in the LATINA Style 50 Report this year, proving its loyalty to the Latino community. Congratulations to JPMorgan Chase & Co. Their leadership and team are committed to developing, supporting, and advancing today’s and tomorrow’s trailblazing women and Latina leaders.”

The LATINA Style 50 list included companies from across several industries like finance, travel, and food and beverage

Financial institution JPMorgan Chase & Co. took the top spot regarding their competitiveness for Latina career advancement. 

The Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan & Chase Co, Jamie Dimon, notes that being named number one is an honor.

Dimon begins, “Our business is stronger when our economy is more inclusive. We are honored to be receiving this recognition and remain committed to providing a workplace where all employees can thrive and succeed.” 

He notes, “It is through their ingenuity, excellence, and integrity that we seek to build a prosperous business.”

Some other financial institutions listed were Bank of America, Wells Fargo & Company, Comerica Bank, and Fannie Mae.

Within the food and beverage and consumer industries, Johnson & Johnson, The Coca-Cola Company, JCPenney and McDonalds Corporation.

Some of the notables in travel were Marriott International, Inc., Hilton, and Travel + Leisure Co.

For the full list, click here.

Lists like this matter because they help Latinas navigate the corporate landscape

Jefa in Training” author and business hada madrina Ashley K. Stoyanov Ojeda believes that lists like this are essential for first-generation Latinas who may not understand the available resources.

Stoyanov Ojeda tells FIERCE, “Lists like this matter because many Latinas who are applying for jobs are first generation and don’t have any other resources on how to start their careers.”

“These lists give Latinas an opportunity to see where they are represented in leadership, where they can truly grow and also find community,” the author adds.

Cuban-born business coach and media personality GiGi Díaz notes that lists like this help Latinas make informed career decisions.

The Seizing Happy founder shares with FIERCE, “Research everywhere shows the Latino buying power and influence is only growing.”

“Latinas naturally hold a deeply rooted understanding of our community, and lists like this are very helpful at the time of deciding where we want to bring that understanding, along with our skills and experience,” Díaz concludes.