There are many positive things about summer. The days are longer, traveling is a pleasure, and not to mention the much-needed Vitamin D.

However, the high price to pay for these delightful days is the sticky heat, the humidity, and the eternal swamp under our breasts, between the legs, and in the armpits.

But this year, we decided to change things. We dove headfirst into research and have compiled every summer hack women swear by for dealing with perspiration.

Believe us, we’re ready to try them ALL.

First and foremost, choose your clothes wisely this summer and say goodbye to polyester

In this wonderful Reddit thread—which we’re now obsessed with—almost all women agree that linen is the fabric to wear in summer. Although some recommend other natural fabrics like cotton, linen truly allows the body to breathe and prevents moisture buildup. So avoid polyester at all costs during the warmer months.

Check out this Do’s and Don’ts guide to the summer look that has literally saved our lives.

Wipes, wipes, wipes all the way

Another of the most popular hacks on the internet for women who battle the heat and humidity is wipes. But, heads up! They’re not all the same.

For example, Gatsby’s body wipes leave a “powdery fresh finish,” according to one user. On the other hand, micellar and/or makeup remover wipes are better for your face. While most users resort to baby wipes for every situation, different products work best for women. Some suggest using paper wipes to absorb any sweat. But if you’re conscious about the environment, a bandana can work too!

Cooling sprays and deodorant mists might as well save your day

Keep your body’s temperature low with heat-cooling sprays. According to one user, it is “a game changer.” Just spray it on your back, chest, and armpits; the menthol sensation helps you keep fresh! However, if you want to go further, another user gave us a brilliant hack: add some essential oils to a bottle of liquid Thai deodorant mist and freshen up your clothes. Peppermint is a recommended essential oil for the summer.

Some suggest using thin panty liners inside the clothes

While we’re not quite sold on this idea, many users recommend using thin panty liners inside your clothes to absorb body moisture. “Panty liners and pads keep the swamp ass away,” says one user. “It also helps with that weird odor that synthetic fabrics create.” “I have used thin panty liners stuck onto the inside of my clothes to absorb in my sweatier areas,” said another.

Apply antiperspirant before going to bed

While you can take hundreds of showers a day, summer nights can be the worst. Many women suggest applying an antiperspirant before going to bed to get a fresh sleep.

For those who have the patience to wear makeup on humid summer days, setting spray is a must-have

Now, the key for this is to use setting spray layered between liquid makeup, according to one user. “Primer, foundation/skin tint, setting spray misted onto beauty blender and bounce it onto your face where you just applied the makeup,” she explains. “Use concealer (mist and dab again) and setting powder. Then one final spray all over your face once the rest of your makeup is done.”

Other users recommend L’Oreal Lash Paradise waterproof mascara to avoid it running down like La Llorona.

Dry shampoo is ideal to absorb sweat

While we can take many showers during the day, washing our hair as often as necessary can do more harm than good. That’s why some users recommend using dry shampoo on clean hair to absorb any sweat.

If you can’t find a good deodorant, Lume is a lifesaver

If you’re like us and are struggling to find THE deodorant that will prevent you from smelling like French cheese, everyone online recommends Lume. We tried it, and it is, indeed, a lifesaver!

An anti-chafe stick to rub on your poor, poor thighs

Someone finally found a good product to avoid that painful rash between our thighs when we wear our fav dresses. A tube of Monistat anti-chafing gel or Megababe’s thigh rescue is all you need!

Sports bras to avoid the underboob swamp

Yes, we would all love to be braless in the summer. But sometimes your back can’t take it. That’s where sports bras come in. High-quality sports bras keep your skin cool and avoid that swampy underboob.

Finally, don’t forget el abanico!

When everything else fails, el abanico can save you from a humid day. Besides, it makes you look like the María Félix you are!