Fifteen years after RBD said goodbye to the stage, fans still clamored for the Mexican pop sensation. The group returned in August and has since dominated online conversations. 

Whether for their record-setting concerts, fabulous style, or memorable moments on stage, Anahí, Dulce María, Maite, Christopher, and Christian are making headlines at every tour stop.

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And Mexico was no exception.

On the three-date concert at Foro Sol, Anahí tapped into the graphic T-shirt trend to deliver heartfelt messages. 

A true Y2K icon

Since stepping into the role of Mia Colucci in the Mexican telenovela “Rebelde,” Anahí has become synonymous with fashion. The star is recognized for her character’s Y2K-infused wardrobe and the iconic style that influenced an entire generation.

With such style credentials, on every concert date, Anahí raises anticipation for her stage looks. In Mexico, however, the “Sálvame” singer pushed the boundaries of style to take a stance against violence and open up about her struggles. And she did it through a Y2K fashion staple nonetheless! 

The power of the graphic tee

Popularized throughout the decades, graphic tees are often associated with 2000s aesthetics — remember Paris Hilton’s “That’s hot, you’re not!” tee? However, this fashion item carries a long history and legacy that goes beyond funny slogans.

Once upon a time considered outlets for self–expression, graphic tees have undergone a long evolution since their early days when Katharine Hamnett introduced them as protest statements.

In 2023, this fashion item saw its resurgence thanks to celebrities such as Olivia Rodrigo, Hailey Bieber (who raised nepotism conversations with a “nepo baby” tee), and Karol G, who paid homage to Selena Quintanilla. But while stars are using the graphic tee to poke fun at themselves (or others; we still don’t get Bieber’s T-shirt) or show their flawless taste, Anahí went the extra mile to share powerful messages.

Ni una menos

On December 1, the first date on RBD’s Foro Sol concerts, Anahí put a spin on her glittery Barbiecore look with a hot pink graphic T-shirt that read “NI UNA MENOS.” The slogan is often used across Latin American countries to stand against gender-based violence, so people erupted in applause once Anahí took her jacket off to reveal the message.

The singer strategically chose to wear the tee as she performed “Sálvame” (Save Me), one of RBD’s most popular songs. Anahí shouted “Ni una menos” once she wrapped up the song.


Anahi “Ni una menos” en Salvave #fyp #rbd #forosol

♬ original sound – Raymundo Meraz

The message tied up with her speech on November 24 in Monterrey to ​​commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. That night, Anahí sported a “NO ES NO” T-shirt and spoke up on the importance of consent.

“Many of you know my story, many of you know what [people] have made up about my story,” Anahí said. “I can only tell you that today I am a woman with two children, and I am raising them so that little girls [today] will feel safe with them [in the future].”

A message to herself 

On RBD’s second date at Foro Sol, Anahí also chose to communicate with her inner child. Similar to the previous night, the singer sang “Sálvame” as she revealed a purple tee imprinted with a childhood photo. The image accompanied the words, “She is also here today.”

The graphic tee was a nod to Anahí’s beginnings as a child actress. The star rose to fame at an early age, and she has been open about the hardships and harassment she encountered in her career. From bullying to TV personalities taunting her for her eating disorders, Anahí endured a lot during her time in showbiz.

To reclaim her power on one of Mexico’s biggest stages amid a record-breaking tour was only fitting. The singer embraced the moment with an emotional speech. 

“I gave myself a minute to hug her and personally tell her, ‘Anahí, don’t be afraid. One day, everything will be fine. I’m going to make mistakes a thousand times, but I swear that we will always be able to get up, and I swear that I’m not going to give up.’ I swear to all of you and your inner child that one day we will have the courage to stand up in front of everyone and say that we are no longer afraid,” she told the crowd. 

Talk about being a queen!