The holiday season is underway, and a daunting question might arise while you make your gift-giving list. Do you actually get something for your “something” that’s neither a regular friend nor a lover?  

Are you dating? Is it just a casual fling? Will it evolve into an actual relationship? If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, odds are you’re in a situationship. Or, to put it simply, you’re yet to have a DTR (Define the Relationship) chat with that “special” person. 

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“Situationships,” as these relationships have been dubbed in recent years, can be complicated. The debate is on, and on TikTok, opinions are divided. However, when it comes to gift-giving, the sarcastic gift guides on the internet shouldn’t be your standard.

Many might argue that gifts are out of the question at this early stage of knowing one another, but we’re firm believers that you do what you want to do, and if you feel like getting something for your “something,” we’ve got you covered with a few ideas. Read on to discover FIERCE‘s guide to situationship gift giving.

Battery-operated LED candles 

Candles are a must for creating a relaxing ambiance at home and are, more often than not, a welcome gift for any adult. They’re particularly handy for people hosting soirées or get-togethers during the holidays. But here’s a spin. Don’t go for the standard scent candles. Instead, opt for a more perdurable and novel option with remote-controlled LED candles. 

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Comfy slippers

Enjoying the comfort and warmth of a pair of slippers, especially during winter, is incomparable. Gift your special someone a moment of relaxation at home with a pair of slippers. Add some personality, opt for their favorite color, and choose the coziness of the fabric according to your geographic location. Remember, the colder, the fuzzier.

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A hoodie that, well… hoodies

If you got hooked on the hoodie drama on TikTok, you will know by now that hoodies can strain friendships. Don’t risk it and get a hoodie for your more-than-a-friend, less-than-a-lover. It can go both ways: get them a hoodie that they can’t lend to “friends,” or get them a hoodie so they don’t need to borrow one from someone else’s boyfriend. Either way, it’s a win.

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Earbuds, AirTag, or other tech devices

In our modern society, there’s not a time we don’t need to tap into technology to facilitate our lives. If your situationship is a tech-savvy individual, the most obvious gifts will be small but helpful devices such as wireless earbuds or a speaker so they can listen to their favorite music. Maybe an AirTag that helps them keep track of their belongings? Gauge their needs and pick the right tech gift for your “something else.”

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Purposeful card games

This one might be a straightforward gift, but if you want to test where your situationship is going, a “purpose-driven” card game might be it. With questions aimed at deepening your relationships (not limited to romantic partnerships), the “We’re Not Really Strangers” set is a fun and meaningful card game you can play with friends and family. 

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Hair care products

Skincare might be complicated to shop for sometimes, so here comes a variation for self-care: haircare. Latinx-owned brands such as Rahua and Rizos Curls offer the ultimate hair products, from shampoo to hair oils and stylers. Luscious, healthy hair might not be a priority for everybody, but it certainly won’t hurt anybody. 

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If your situationship is a lover of good reads, the no-brainer is — evidently — a book

A good book, however, is as subjective as it gets, and it will largely depend on how much you know the person and their preferences. Nevertheless, going for a best-selling title such as “The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store,” selected as the 2023 Barnes & Noble Book of the Year, might be a safe bet. You can also browse through the Best-Seller category for further book recommendations. 

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Mugs and mug warmers

Preparing your favorite drink first thing in the morning is a routine practice for nearly everybody. Mugs, mug warmers, and anything that helps in the process will make the ideal gift if you want to be the first thought — or at least one of the first thoughts — in your beloved’s mind. It helps, of course, that only a few things beat the comfort of a steaming cup of coffee or tea. 

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Gift cards

Not convinced yet? Then, take the safe route and pick a gift card. The range is impressively broad, and against popular belief, it doesn’t need to be an impersonal option. Nowadays, you can personalize your gift card, select the recipients’ favorite brands, and even accompany it with a coloring page. You can’t go wrong with this one. 

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