The following jefas in the health and wellness field have one thing in common: they are focused on our community’s safety.

From starting a postpartum wellness brand to providing therapy and opening an all-women’s gym, each of these women are championing our health.

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Kat Novoa, founder of Babes of Wellness

Kat Novoa made the dream of an all-women’s gym a reality. With offerings like pilates, yoga and dance Babes of Wellness is a safe space to exercise. As a queer Latina, Novoa wanted to ensure that Babes of Wellness was also inclusive. She spent time volunteering and holding wellness workshops at domestic abuse shelters, teaching them that exercise can be beneficial to their healing. This jefa is showing us how fitness is so much more than aesthetics; it improves our mental health, body image, and relationship with ourselves.

Lizeth Cuara, founder of Misty Phases

After a traumatic birthing experience, Lizeth Cuara realized she was no exception to the crumbling maternal healthcare system. She researched the racial disparity within it that affects Black and Latina women, while nursing herself back to health. She launched Misty Phases, postpartum wear — including belly binders and girdles — for the recovery period. Although this jefa’s products help women who purchase the garments, she also donates items to expecting mothers and postpartum women in shelters.

Jacqueline Garcia, founder of Therapy Lux

Jacqueline Garcia grew up going to therapy after immigrating to the United States, and was inspired to become one herself. She earned a master’s degree in social work, and has been a licensed clinical social worker for over seven years. Understanding how vulnerable patients are when they open up, she knows how to make it a safe space for sharing. In addition, she launched her own apparel brand focused on destigmatizing mental health. This jefa is all about breaking generational cycles and tending to our mental wellbeing.

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