Whether it’s through beauty products, apparel, or art, the following six Latinas are marching to the beat of their own drums.

Each one has put everything they have into sharing their passions with the world. They want to make us and our environments feel beautiful, inside and out.

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Ydelays Rodriguez, founder of Golden Dream Beauty

Ydelays Rodriguez once worked department store beauty counters, and now she’s come full circle, running her own brand. She self-funded and launched Golden Dream Beauty in 2019, after successfully building an audience on YouTube and social media. Calling Golden Dream Beauty her American dream, she is deeply appreciative of the support she has received from her fellow beauty lovers. This jefa wants Latinas to know that they are unstoppable when they set their minds to their goals.

Margarita Arriagada, founder and CEO of Valdé Beauty

After leaving her beauty retail career, Margarita Arriagada spent a lot of time — four years to be precise — on developing luxury lipsticks for her own brand. Valdé Beauty is her homage to women everywhere, symbolizing their strength through meticulously created reusable packaging. The lip products are investment pieces, with high-quality formulas that look beautiful on every skin tone, and packaging that’ll be the star of your vanity. This jefa is showing us that you can continue to take risks in your career, no matter your age. 

Jennifer Serrano and Veronica Vasquez, founders of JZD

Partners and small business owners Jennifer Serrano and Veronica Vasquez started their lifestyle brand JZD in 2016, quickly leaving their full-time jobs to commit to the endeavor. Their identities as queer Latina women play a major part in their brand, with nods to their culture on t-shirts, sweatshirts, notebooks, and more. It’s no question why their items have gone viral in the past! That’s why these jefas are so beloved in their small business community; they’re unapologetically authentic to themselves.

Liz Hernandez, creator of WORDAFUL

Mexican-American TV and radio personality Liz Hernandez realized the importance of communication after her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She started the WORDAFUL— a play on the phrase “words are powerful”— movement on YouTube, and later translated it into an in-person “gratitude masterclass.” Her brand has evolved into an apparel line, a positive affirmation deck, card game, and more. This jefa is showing us how to reexamine the ways we speak to each other and ourselves.

Denise Hernandez, founder of Jitana

Home decor is Jitana founder Denise Hernandez’s thing, so it makes perfect sense that she started her own brand. Inspired by her travels and culture, she collaborates with local artisans on products like woven totes and beaded chandeliers. Hernandez’s career in retail buying took her to Australia, which ignited her interest in home decor. A visit to Bali gave her the extra push to start her curated shop. This jefa demonstrates how passion can be all you need to dream big and start your business.

Marlene Solorio, visual artist

A first-generation Mexican-American and college graduate, Marlene Solorio, has pursued “artivism,” AKA art and activism. She realized her fondness for art from a young age, taking up extra-curriculars in the subject throughout school. Solorio earned her fine arts degree in graphic design, and has since worked with the Immigrant Defenders Law Center, Adidas, and more. This jefa creates stunning murals, posters, and other works of art for causes she deeply believes in.

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