One of the joys of the Latinx community is being able to support each other’s endeavors loudly and proudly. 

These five small business owners are doing big things to challenge the status quo. These jefas are putting their time, energy, and money on the line to make their dreams come true. Continue reading to learn more about them, and vote for your favorite Jefa on the Rise.

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Jully-Alma Taveras, creator of Investing Latina

While wondering if there were like-minded Latinas interested in finance, Jully-Alma Taveras had the itch to launch her brand, Investing Latina. She experienced her own transformative journey with money, and now her career is dedicated to arming others with knowledge and tools to become more responsible with it. This jefa runs an investing workshop fit for beginners, teaching them the essential investing strategies that improved her own life. Taveras especially loves connecting with the Latinx community, and learning from them too.

Annie Leal, founder of I Love Chamoy

Annie Leal created her viral chamoy sauce, I Love Chamoy, as a “love letter” to her dad, culture and community. Her ingenious idea of developing a sugar-free version of the iconic topping became an immediate success, selling out in their very first week of business. The rapid growth is a testament to her use of social media, and the love and support from the greater Latinx community. This jefa is fulfilling candy cravings left and right with a healthy option that many people didn’t think there was a market for.

Taylor M. Tieman, attorney and founder of Legalmiga

Business and trademark attorney Taylor M. Tieman’s passion is working with and providing legal support for BIPOC and female-owned businesses. She launched her virtual law firm in Los Angeles, and opened up the Legalmiga Membership and Library, which provides resources for entrepreneurs. Aside from her duties as an attorney, she mentors underrepresented law students, and speaks at panels and events. As one of the few Hispanic lawyers in the country, this jefa’s work is a bright light in our community. 

Janett and Erika Liriano, INARU

The Liriano sisters, Janett and Erika, have dramatically changed cacao harvesting practices in the Dominican Republic with INARU. When their father retired to tend to his own farm in the DR nearly a decade ago, they both decided to explore its potential. Now, these jefas have changed the lives of cacao farmers by compensating them fairly and getting them above the poverty line by sharing profits with them directly. INARU is the only cacao exporter that is owned by women of color. Their streamlined model is a more than welcome change to the unfair practices of the past.

Leah Ortega, Mujeres Makers Market

Leah Ortega is one of five co-founders of the Mujeres Makers Market, a community of small business owners in Santa Barbara. Together, they uplift the crafty and determined women of color through their monthly pop-up market events in the beach city. Ortega owns Ortega Vintage Goods, where her passion for tastefully curated furniture and home goods meets business. Ortega and her fellow co-founders are examples of women who want to see others shine.

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